Rescripting the Lila, the Birthday Challenge

An old blog written in 2015 popped up on my screen yesterday. I realized its impact by rereading as an observer so many years later.

I emote healing through my words, music, through Pranashakthi and when teaching healing. My heart is now inspired to break out of my comfort zone and share more of what is within me. So much has been learned and reaches fewer than my heart insists upon. When I receive support I am shown the value of sharing.

I was preparing for a lecture with Vinayak Sathe on consciousness and inspiration planned for Sunday, November 17th at 4 pm at Yoga Society San Francisco. The topic and catalyst for this blog arose out of the brainstorming conversation. I decided to write daily for upliftment to include photos and mantra. Life is precious I will share myself! It is time! My birthday starts tomorrow so a gift of myself through words, images and mantra.

Avatars of The Earth

The end of this month September 26-28 I will be attending Avatars of The Earth in Mount Shasta. I have been both invited and called to present. I will be guiding a group healing called Pranashakthi Consciousness Seed Healing which will also heals the consciousness of those in attendance and consciousness of the collective. Each person present assists in the healing. The process is facilitated through Pranashakthi energy and mantra. Gaia responds back powerfully with loving transformative energy. I am grateful to my guru Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar who has brought me Pranashakthi in all its forms. This healing is by far the most miraculous. I hope to see you there!

Sound, Energy and Relation to Unified Vibration- Cleanup on Aisle Nine

I have been increasingly sensitive to sound and how it can be peaceful or dissonant. What sparked this thought I was preparing to apply for some things for myself and others I am collaborating with. I decided to go have a coffee down the street to contemplate and start the process. When I arrived it was quiet and I was settling into my soul and able to begin to receive guidance.

Suddenly a new employee started their shift. Pop music started blasting and every time a coffee was made the espresso grinder was run and the release lever was banged aggressively. I see energy but more importantly I feel it. It could be that this bright person wants to follow her dreams bur has to work at a coffee shop but really she is an entrepreneur or something. It isn’t for me to worry about. The point is how do we keep the energetic environment in check?

This experience reminded me of an understanding I have from my intuitive sensitivities. I share not because I feel I am all knowing but because not everyone processes information as I do. Growing up I thought everyone saw as I did. Later I was surprised to realize my insights were unique.

As someone who processes mostly through intuition primarily knowing and feeling I have internal feedback when I witness and interact with myself, social interactions and surroundings.

I have always thought about this topic. Many many years ago Caroline Myss discussed “thoughts as things” which I totally agree with and had contemplated this often.

In 2012 my guru Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumarji discussed energy and how it can have sort of a memory. The memory wording is how I describe what he discussed which is that if a fight occurs in a room and both people leave, a new person, unaware of this transgression can walk into that pocket of energy and become angry themself. This talk greatly moved me because it explained big portions of my life.

What I realized was that based on my sensitivities I had already stopped watching tv because the content of media was not something I wanted in my field. I realized that many problems I experienced in understanding my place in the world when I was younger was because I felt others experiences as my own. I was unable to differentiate between my feelings or what was coming from around me. I would often become confused or reactive without having a source of it. I didn’t have deep faith or understanding yet.

I am also able to know so if someone is saying one thing to me and generating another type of energy that was not aligned with what they were saying. For example if someone was nice to me but secretly had another type of judgment I would always know. The reverse was also true if someone was acting disinterested but were fascinated by me I would also know.

The results of these findings was that I decided to go to love. I stopped caring long ago about judgments but no longer try to rally for people’s positive viewpoints of me and just focused on being me. A person is like art. Not everyone likes the same masterpiece.

I also did my best to stay away from bars, complaining, judgments, I do not eat meat because I don’t agree with it but also energetically it is taking on the suffering of the animal who was traumatized.

So looking deeper I began to see the gestalt of it. While looking at the whole that study of Masaru Emoto the Japanese author who demonstrated that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water with his photos of frozen water molecules that were infused with words I began to see more connections. If you are not familiar with the study, the crystals of frozen water with positive words were beautiful and negative words created deformities in the crystals.

This study inspired me. I was already making little porcelain birds for friends called Bluebirds of Happiness. I would make them for people I knew who were struggling with a divorce or any type of need for uplifting vibrations. I began to infuse my birds with Pranashakthi healing to the wet molecules of clay so that the positive energy would be fired into the little friend. I began offering these birds publicly on Etsy.

So what is the bigger picture here? I am still bringing together what this means but how we express ourselves inwardly and outwardly creates our energetic environment. Going back to the original example of the person that started their shift. This is not judgment but fascination. We create our lives by our thoughts which is why affirmations are useful. What this points to is conscious responsibility of our energy.

Amma often does the Peace Flower Meditaion and chants Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu meaning may all beings everywhere be happy and free. Why does she do this? This is very deep because it is helping to neutralize misappropriated energy and generating high vibrations.

I am a Bhakta meaning I find my way to moksha through my devotion and music. I also sing Hindustani classical music. Singing and sound is another way to clear the energetic field. Mantras are a way to clean up thought disturbances stray thoughts. When we focus on the good of the other or the good of the whole we add to the positivity of the field.

Continual fear based or negativethought forms create a samskara that gets stronger and stronger. This can cause depression and even illness. This same action turned positive does the opposite:

I hope this list below will inspire. Please let me know how this resonates for you.

What are some key ways to uplift the whole?

  • Be kind to yourself and drop self judgments. Love your authentic self.
  • Sing mantra or something joyful
  • Have gratitude for others and for all aspects of life even if the situation you face is not what you want exactly
  • Stop cluttering the mind with politics and news stories about calamities of the world
  • Drop gossip and or judgment and refuse to enable that in others
  • Be joyful
  • See the good in others and help them see it in themself in a humble, honoring way
  • Drop any need to be right
  • Don’t let vulnerabilities dictate your response. If you have had trauma don’t feed into that timeline anymore.
  • Do not match energy if someone is attacking or angry neutralize the field by holding your own vibration and having clear compassion
  • Do not pity anyone
  • Love for loves sake
  • Be of service however you can even if that is just by smiling at everyone you see today
  • Observe and correct responses. So not allow yourself to get triggered by anyone’s actions. Become yogic and unmovable from the core of self.
    Take salt baths to clear cumulative energy buildup from within and without
  • Chant mantra daily
  • Stop eating meat

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Consciousness of the Collective

I have been thinking about the nature of thoughts as living things and the vibratory nature of silence and harmony versus disharmony or unrest for many years. This concept is not new. Since I’m just back from India, I was out of my own San Francisco space for awhile and I see more clearly on this. As I observed and sat with this, lI was struck by the concept that each person is responsible for their own environmental field as it is. I have had this thought often especially as it relates to mantra, and meditation. Depending on the nature of thought, and clarity of mind can create vitality or the opposite.

Working in a law firm I witness people facing off with expensive suits which are often contentious and It seems like I ended up working in here to see the bigger picture of the nature of what it is to be well from a deep level or learning what not to do. Also I learned how to modulate my energy based on my own vibration not on externals. I still generate thought forms and sometimes the disruption of energy within my field while at work can require a new level of detachment and a salt bath.

So there is the space that we all live within, a vibratory energetic environment that has memory as in, if a temple has been chanted within for hundreds of years and people enter it is easy to feel that. This is the same with your brain, your home, your job. If your mind gets into negative thinking, blame or self doubt it pulls you down but it also pollutes the space. If a couple fights in their home daily it creates disharmony that becomes dense and radiates to the neighbors. Maybe on the other hand you laugh, chant mantra, sing and burn incense. It is up to you what is added.

Besides words themselves loving energy to self and grounding energies is a way to assure a positive inner environment that reflects in the outer.

What is important is that we can sweeten peoples lives or our own by the thoughts we project. We are also subject to the energies around us. Neutrality is important as to not feed into the collective drama with judgment. If someone has rage in a room that even if you don’t know that person it will effect you to walk into that space where the anger occurred.

So be kind in the thoughts you have about yourself and others. Stay neutral if someone gets heated. Do your best to control the energies so that wherever we go harmony can exist and amplify! This is a simple truth that through awareness can greatly impact the whole.

Bangalore, Coimbatore and Kanyakumari. Now to see Amma in Kerala.

We have ventured on a self-guided yatra after closing down the apartment in the beautiful temple where we lived in Vrindavan. We cooked all meals on our gas stove. I would purchase veggies daily from Radha, or her son if she was not there. We had an extensive Pranayama Sadana and I did lots of Yajna on the roof in the company of monkeys, squirrels and parrots. I also worked on my Devanagari for Sanskrit and Hindi. I am reading and writing but slowly. Time here was also spent absorbing healing knowledge. Several people needed healing on this leg of the trip. I have friends here so some socializing also happened.

We then moved to attend a workshop with Sadguru on Shambhavi. It was two days at a huge event center in Bangalore with 8000 other people. How he manages to attract that many people is impressive. To chant AUM with that many people was so special. Some of class and workshop was recorded previously and there was some time with Sadguru himself. We were quite far. I am taking on this practice twice a day for 40 days. I already have Shambhavi training from my guru for healing but that training from Pranashakthi Mastership is for healing purposes so I will see how this goes.

Inspired by this event and being very close to his ashram in Coimbatore we decided to venture by train there. The Isha Center is beautiful. I spent two days there. There is a Suraya and Chandra Kund, (women bathe in the Chandra Kund), a Bharavi Temple, the huge Adiyogi bust, as well as a meditation hall with Shiva Lingam. On the last day there I wanted to dip in the Chandra Kund and went right before it closed as we were making offerings in the day to each temple. I was the only woman there! That was an inspiring highlight! The tall roof has a magnificent mural. There is a water fall and a Shiva Lingam in the kund. When I went earlier in the day there were many many women.

The next stop was Kanyakumari the Southern-most tip of India where three seas meet and the sun rises and sets in the same place. We took a train and were fortunate to find a booking on the seaside. The cab from the train whose license plate ended in 3333 (meaning angels are present) found us the place. It was only available for 3 nights so we later moved to an even better location outside of the hustle and bustle near the Viveckananda Kendra which was a shanti campus with exhibits, Ekanathji Ranade the Kendra and Viveckananda Memorial’s founder’s memorial Samadi and a private beach. Ekanath enabled the Viveckananda memorial to be built through his persistence and creativity. There was an exhibit on how he achieved this which was amazing! There was a Bose nursery there I am not sure if he had been at the Kendra during his lifetime but he was the soul who found that plants feel pain. I am inspired to read more about him.

The hotel we stayed at was crazy but because of the city being booked we didn’t have a huge choice. The manager was a drinker and the toilet and sink was not connected to running water with no toilet seat. We had to wait for hours to check in even though we came way after check in time. It was a blessing nevertheless to be able to stay. It isn’t everywhere that you can have ripe mangoes in December.

We bathed in the holy waters, watched sunsets and sunrises, went twice to the Amman temple and had a lovely time! I went to an exhibit on the Ramayanaa and was able to read it all. At the end there is a larger than life murti of Matabharata or “Mother India” this moved me almost to tears it was so magnificent!

Gandhi’s ashes were housed in Kanyakumari and there is a memorial there. The spot where his ashes were held lights with the sun on his birthday each year and water never comes through the hole in he ceiling.

I am resting now in the very air conditioned train headed for Amma’s Ashram for New Years Eve! Looking forward to that! More travels to come.

Leaving Vrindavan

We closed down the apartment in Vrindavan this morning and are heading South for the warmer climate and a workshop in Bangalore. Visiting Kanyakumari after the weekend. Always there is a bitter sweetness when departing this special sweetness.

Last night I wished I would see Bindi the female dog I have been feeding many times during my stay when she manifested in front of me. I was worried for her continued wellbeing because although her strength has substantially improved she is still weak and shaking. As I was feeding her another dog who has a head injury appeared. When I looked up a man was standing in front of me and he stated that he looks after the dogs in the area. He promised to care for her. I knew he was authentic in his words because many dogs were trailing him and at ease with his presence. She was not familiar with him and held close to my presence. A touching moment for me.

Earlier in the day I met for lunch with Nikunja from Food For Life who I was blessed to meet. During my stay she showed me the schools, garden and cow sanctuary. They even have a few Blue Antelopes there. We had many nice visits.

Was able to visit with a girl Radha I met in 2014 who is now a mother. I ran into her as I went to take my favorite walk. Her child is named OM and was astrologically chosen.

I went to the Raj Mandir to see Sadhu Maharaj and sat and spoke with him for some time.

Upon completing my visit I went and purchased a brass singing bowl that was hand made. It has a lovely tone and will be useful in leading classes, workshops and healing events when I return. I experimented with sound healing utilizing my voice, healing and the bowl. I will work with this more as this is resonating deeply.

I love you Vrindavan! फिर मिलेंगे

Back in Vrindavan

I have moved into an apartment in Braj for the month of November and am settling in for focus on honing Pranashakthi healing techniques, on coursework for my healing classes, on my music, meditation, on my Sadana! The luxury of this much focused time to tend to my practice it is a true luxury! So grateful for my life and how it flows!

Precious Life

I was thinking about my friend Matura Seva and his unexpected passing while watching the sun set in Mumbai last night. It was an auspicious full moon so we each offered Mantras, I sent healing to a list of those who needed it and we slept in its beautiful glow on the building roof.

Matura’s life demonstrates what I already know and practice myself which is how one person can light up so many. He did so with with joy, Gyana and Bhakti. We all have that capacity to positively be of service to others, to have courage to fully unfold our authentic selves. Each person has special gifts to offer. Kindness and openness is so important. I have always felt the urgency to make other people’s lives better through my actions and my heart. This trip to India is opening up new levels of self love that increase this capacity. So honored to have known this great soul.

This reflection inspired me to have a deep conversation with a dear friend that I may not have had. So grateful for all that is. Don’t put off what is important because that moment may not exist in the future!

India Second by Second Darshan

Rishikesh opened my heart so wide. The light was so muted. I stayed at a very nice place where I was sincerely nurtured. It rained a few days. The mules would walk by my place. Sometimes their hooves sounded like rain on the roof. A very much needed peaceful and magical stay with an added deep connection with the Ganga. I was very close to Laxman Jhula.

I moved next to Vrindavan and was on-time for Damodara’s Birthday who was just a baby on my last extended stay. Enjoyed the daily Arti. caught up with some old friends and visit with Sadhu Maharaj as well as a trip to the Yamuna. Received an incredible color healing from a new friend. On the way out of town took darshan into the Radhe Maan Sarovar a kund created by Bhakti tears of Gopis when Krishna left Vrindavan. This was truly a highlight.

Took a sleep train from Mathura to Mumbai after a bumpy ride in a Tom Tom but the ride managed to dry my wet cloths.

The next morning in Mumbai stopped at the Ganesha temple on the way to Kankana’s Banerjee’s house. I am staying with my Hindustani teacher.

My intention is to learn as much as possible this time and deeply organize what I have learned from her since 2011. I am rewriting class notes and verifying for clarity any issues I may have had in the writing. I am also learning Devanagari for Sanskrit and doing my daily Sri Vidya meditation. Feeling so peaceful! So lovely to connect with my long time musical Guruma in her home. What a blessing.

It is amazing to have the time to put my energies towards my passions, creativity, healing and music.

This trip I am focusing on these precious moments besides just an opportunity to completely unwind but also to put my efforts to hone my mind, body heart, simply by being my authentic self. Feeling so blessed!