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Frederick Zoreta

June 28, 2022

Ontario, Canada

I recently just had a 30 minute healing session with Carol. I had several minor physical issues. One of these has something to do with my ‘lower centers’ / lower level chakras and the physical organs that underlie with these chakras.

Other than this issue, I also have been having an ongoing digestive problem plus some minor back injuries I sustained thru a sports injury way back in 2018. I am glad that I had a healing session with Carol. Although I can not say that it created ‘super miraculous’ results (not yet), there was certainly a VERY OBVIOUS improvement in my over all condition (especially my issues with my lower centers and chakras). I also felt the VERY DEEP SINCERITY , KINDNESS & GENEROSITY of Carol. I am looking forward to 1 or 2 more healing sessions with her. And eventually I would love to learn the Healing Powers of Pranashakthi from her and her ‘lineage’.

Xiani Wang

June 10, 2022

San Francisco, CA

Carol has done amazing work for my boyfriend who severed his ulnar nerve and was unable to feel or use his pinky and ring finger. He was given a 2 year recovery and as a professional bass player, this was devastating.

He went into emergency surgery the day after our son was born. She did healing work from remote while he went into surgery. There was a chance they would have to graft a nerve from his leg depending on the severity of the tear. I was freaking out when his surgery took longer than expected and tapped in with Carol who reassured me that everything was going well and she strongly didn’t feel they had to graft. This eased my anxiety greatly and as it turned out, they didn’t have to graft a nerve from his leg.

It’s now 4 months since the surgery and he is playing shows on electric and acoustic bass already!

We also used Carol during my labor for the birth of my baby. I almost had to have a c-section twice while in labor. I was pushing for nearly 4 hours and finally called Carol to help. Once we called her, I delivered the baby shortly after. I believe it was her healing that helped.

Thank you to Carol for healing my family during this difficult time.

Christy Fiers

June 7, 2022

Carol is an incredibly gifted healer. Her work on my 93 year old uncle’s pneumonia last year truly saved his life. Because of Covid, I wasn’t able to visit him in the hospital but I saw the benefits of Carol’s care in his vitality immediately.

After that experience, Carol has become my go-to for all my friends and family. I cannot recommend her integrative approach to healing enough to treat body, mind and soul.

Ozan Özgen

Ankara, Turkey

June 4, 2022

Last year, while I was in the national team, I had a shoulder injury one day. After 6 months of PT, painkillers and many treatments, I was starting to despair.

God smiled on me during these diffucult times and I met Carol. She took care of me, listened to me and said with her work, I would be fine in a few days. At first I couldn’t believe it and went on my life. Exactly two days later I woke up in the morning and my shoulder was completely healed.

A week later, I had another MRI andmy doctor said he couldn’t see any problems in my shoulder. After all this, I won 2 tournaments, I came back my training and my shoulder is much better than before. I think there are still miracles in the world and my miracle was meeting Carol. Thank you Carol

Terence and Ericka

San Francisco, CA

May 31, 2022

Carol’s presence in our life has been the ultimate blessing, and her care for our three cats spanning over a decade has been an incredible healing journey. She is deeply connected to body, spirit, and energy and her ability to heal transcends this Earthly plane. She healed one of my cats from a fractured spine after a car accident and now he romps freely on the farm, living out his happiest days. She helped another cat cross over upon learning about a fatal disease, and soothed his passing. Finally, her intuition led us to our current love of our life, and now her healing work with him has gotten him through some hard times. Her work is so powerful, my wife and I also receive the healings and get incredibly high from her deep wisdom and connection to spirit. I highly recommend working with her.

Chaitanya Puchakaya

Milpitas, CA

May 18, 2022

I am not sure where to begin and what to say nevertheless I will try. My healing guru/friend/brother sent me the location of Carol’s website in 2015. Just reading through it showed the beautiful healing work she has been doing.

Later when I got “sick”, I intuitively reached to Carol to help me out. She assisted me with utmost grace, kindness, and compassion. It had been a year of CoVID vaccine reaction, if not for Carol’s healing and support, I wouldn’t have lived.

I can talk lot more about how brilliant Carol is, I will run out of words, and time. In short she is amazing, beyond regular healing, she’s gives more than 100%. The ultimate goal for her is to bring folks to their best version of self. I wish I would have known about her earlier in my life. She is good friend, sister, healer, I will recommend and speak highly of her to anyone.


Pittsburg, California

April 30, 2022

I want to express so much Gratitude to Carol for teaching me these powerful techniques of Pranashakthi Mahavidya. I took level one a few years ago and the results I have seen are miraculous. I have been applying this energy healing to my own self, my friends and also to my family with successful results for physical and emotional issues. I now have more opportunities to help others which fulfills my ❤️! Thank you Carol for being a wonderful human being full of love and lots of light. Namaskar 🙏


February 13, 2022

After I wrote to Carol she immediately responded and was willing to help me even though I live in a country a long distance from her.She is a good hearted and empathic person who is always willing to help others. She is a person with a good and  kind soul. I trust in her healing powers and I recommend her to others who have problems. She  is a master healer with many knowledges and high healing powers. I am impressed by her kindness and generosity.Maybe not even the  persons who we know for a long time wouldn’t be willing  to help like she does. I can say that she is a person with a huge and beautiful soul.

Shannon O’Laughlin

Southern California

January 30, 2022

Amazing Heart Healer

When my partner committed suicide Carol was an amazing Healer that offered me heart healing where I could actually feel the difference. My heart was so broken I didn’t know it could ever heal. Thanks to the powerful  healing by Carol I trust that whomever needs assistance reaching their highest potential goals will be delighted working with Carol.

Elena K

May 21, 2021

I’ve turned to Carol a few times throughout the years. Her gentle and humble energy is special and kind. She is very loving, has a bubbly personality and has a gift of being a healer and consistently works on developing her further practice of the special gifts she embraces. Pranashakthi is a specific practice and Carol is so great with invoking loving healing energies to those in need including animals.Carol’s unconditional love will immediately put you at ease and peace.

Erika, Seattle WA

February 21, 2021

Just wanted to extend my gratitude to you for all your help with Jackson and Kevin’s co-worker Doug. I am in constant Awe of your work. I also appreciate all you have done for my sister and her friend Louise. Thank You!!! ❤️

Mansij Sharma, Denver CO

May 20, 2020

My wife and I took Pranashakthi Mahavidya level 1 from Carol and we could instantly feel a deep connection to her and Pranashakthi. While learning, we could feel being soulfully connected to divine energy and could sense the channelling of positive energy being sent to us from the almighty.

She has been a great mentor and has guided us thoroughly through the learning process. We thank her a ton for this wonderful opportunity she has provided us. We look forward to continue to unleash the real powers of Pranashakthi as we practice further under her guidance.

Thank a lot Carol 🙏

Gloria Sadler, Sarnico, Italy

April 30, 2020

Carol is friend of many years. I have seen her grow year after year. Becoming a Pranashakthi healer and teacher has definitely been a highlight of her life so far.

I have experienced her sensitivity and her healing powers refine. Her knowledge combined with her generosity and good will makes her a greatly positive influence on anybody’s life. She is truly a good hearted caring person and a valuable healer. I also enjoy her Vedic Agni Hotras.

I love you Carol! Thank you for all of your love, your help and your healing to all of my family. Specifically recently thank you for helping my son get over the very bad cough he was having as nothing else was working to remedy it.

Meagan Jean Tyler, Texas

April 19, 2020

Carol shared the method of PranaShakti with me. This has helped me in my Life by healing myself and others. I include this loving healing energy into my prayers and my practice. When you involve intention into this method it gets even more powerful. I remeber going from getting into an accident skateboarding to being on crutches to healing my ankle and being able to walk the next day! We don’t have to suffer for long when we have the power of love /goddess and Prana vibrating through our hands. Stay well Well Family

May peace guide you back home ☮️

Ash Tan, UK

February 11, 2020

Jack Rinkeberg, Sydney Australia
Lion Alchemy and Solunastar Healing

February 3, 2020

An absolute shining light in her community and wherever she goes to be of assistance to humanity. I’ve experienced her capacity to truly work with the ki/chi energy as most would be familiar with as a master healer.

The support she’s given exemplifies her authenticity of what she embodies and continues to refine.

Geri, San Francisco, CA

January 18, 2020

True healer – she was able to relieve some neck pain I was experiencing. You can feel her energy and the energy of the guides she works with. Very much impressed and have been recommending her to friends. Thank you!

Autumn, Long Beach, California

Bruce Fisher, San Francisco

September 6, 2019

My wife has a serious neurological condition and her sessions with Carol are powerful healing experiences. There is an impact made on both physiological and emotional levels. My own sessions with Carol leave me deeply relaxed and centered. She even helped my cat recover from a mysterious illness. I highly recommend her as a healer.

Gabriel Fuller, San Diego

July 28, 2019

The source is strong with this one. Ihave had multiple remote and in-person sessions with Carol! She works well with Animals, minerals, and humans, and can perform a wide variety of healings that appear miracle-like due to the nature of infinite dimensions. Definitely recommend a session with her!!💗💗💗💗

Suzanne Lerner, Monterey, California

June 15, 2019

Carol Whitney is a beautiful & gifted healer. I had the good fortune to have a session with her recently, and not only did I shift emotionally, feeling much more light and free, I also had a physiological problem shift in a significant way.

Thank-you Carol for Your Kind Spirit & Your Healing Ways! ❤ ❤ ❤

Franceasca Seiden , San Francisco recommends Carol Whitney Pranashakthi Adventures.

June 11, 2019

My 19 year old cat Pumpkin, the love of my life, my familiar and companion spanning from Miami to LA to San Francisco just got an incredible healing the other day with Carol Whitney. Carol, a friend of the Yoga Society of San Francisco was kind enough to heal her with Pranashakthi. She also including Aurasoma Equilibrium Light Therapy. The last few months we’ve been dealing with enormous vet fees to get Pumpkin’s thyroid medication right.

It was remarkable to see Pumpkin take to anyone so quickly, she was immediately drawn to Carol, prior to beginning. When Carol began Pranashakthi, the Aura Soma and Crystals to heal Pumpkin, it was like watching a kitten who just dipped into cat nip for The first time. My Pumpkin is a very good judge of character, she is very to herself and it takes a long time to warm up to someone new – to watch her automatically sit by Carol’s side, roll around as she performed the healing was an incredible sight. Cats are natural intuitive’s and are naturally drawn to those with 2nd sight or shamanic instinct’s. Within 10 min Pumpkin was kissing Carol’s hand and purring, ( I can’t recall her ever doing that to anyone that quickly in the last 20 yrs.)

I truly and whole-heartedly am grateful for the authentic nurturing empathetic compassion which Carol gives to all animals as well as humans. Just to witness this process was a complete delight.


March Sreya Lafayette , Amritapuri, India recommends Carol Whitney Pranashakthi Adventures.

May 14, 2019

I was blown away by her abilities in both distance and in person healing. Immediately felt a deep peace that helped to carry me through some of my most difficult periods. Highly recommended! ❤

Jay, San Francisco

April 5, 2019

I had been feeling a heavy heart and I was looking for a way to comfort myself. I didn’t know anything about Pranashakthi healing but it sounded intriguing so I signed up for her session and went in with an open mind.

These kinds of healing sessions are hard to give a testimony as to its effectiveness because it’s subjective and personal. All I can say is that her senses and ability to read energies were pretty on point and I got an immediate result. That evening, my heart was not heavy anymore and I tried a technique she taught me and it worked magically. She was my blessing that I found her session at that time. I believe she will be your blessing too when you come across her.

Nick Pfaff, Sandy Utah

March 19, 2019

At the end of last month my six-year-old son developed worrisome symptoms. He had small little red dots and large purple bruising all over his body. He also had mucosal bleeding on his tongue. We rushed him to the doctors and he was diagnosed with ITP. his platelet count was showing at 15,000 but under the microscope the doctors couldn’t see any at all. A normal platelet count is between 150,000 and 400,000.

He was given a treatment of high-dose prednisone. After two weeks of treatment his levels had gone up to 19,000 (visible under a microscope) at which time Carol came to us. She sent my son remote healing via a conference call. The following week his blood test showed that his platelets had risen up to 36,000 which was great news!

Carol offers her continued support for my son as well as my wife who is currently pregnant, and for me as well. After the healing session my wife, my son and I all seemed to feel better and more relaxed. My sons overall vibrancy went up the same day as the healing. I’m really grateful for Carol’s support and the comfort she has provided.

Paola, San Francisco, CA

February 24, 2019

Carol is an amazing human being! Her healing goes beyond the physical state.This weekend she was able to quickly bring my body back to a normal energy level and eradicate the trauma from shock that I encountered after being attacked by my aggressive neighbor.

Carol is grounded and intuitively tuned in to the whole of situations. You She was able to lovingly repristinate my body and brain back to a non trauma state with precision. She cleared long standing negative energy from my apartment and the communal areas of my building. Upon returning to my house that night I felt safe and at ease for the first time in 10 years. The energy of the building is completely different like the evil has left. Negativity and tension are not only cleared from the environment but there is also deep peace within me and and I feel protected.

Louise, San Francisco

January 21, 2019

Bear is doing wonderfully!! He’s walking effortlessly and he’s excited about it! He’s just in a good energy place – thank you so much carol!!! I feel like we got our beardog back!

Rhiannon Morsch  recommends Carol Whitney Pranashakthi Adventures.

October 5, 2018

Carol did energy work on my wife who had debilitating hip and nerve pain. After the first session a bruise formed and it was clear the pain was moving to the surface. After a follow-up session the pain was greatly lessened and I am happy to say that after several months my wife is pain-free. Carol has a compassionate energy and spirit healing moves through her in miraculous ways!

Carina Cristiano, Long Beach, CA

August 9, 2018

I was at a writer’s workshop conference through Louise Hay. It was such an amazing opportunity when all of a sudden I had unexplained pain in my face, but I knew it was radiating from my teeth. It was unbearable pain and I was trying to take Tylenol to mask the pain because I couldn’t imagine missing a day of conference.

I ran into a childhood friend at the conference and she immediately saw the pain in me on the next day. That’s when I met Carol. A complete stranger asking if she could heal me because she was sitting behind me and could feel my pain. She also sensed my emotional distress and saw me frantically searching for flights.

That’s when she sat next to me and at the time I thought what she did was magic, and I had relief within 25 minutes. My friend and I were in disbelief. I was able to stay for the rest of the weekend. She also warned me the flight might bring more Pain with the altitude.

She continued sending healing and suggested I see a dentist as soon as I arrived home.

I did. I had an abscessed tooth and had to go to a specialist. He had to surgical put a drain in my mouth to drain the infection before it went to my brain.

It was very serious and had it not been for Carol I feel I might have not been so lucky to get through my journey back home to see my dentist. And save my life.

I appreciate her gift and kind nature. A true healer and friend.

Laura Eisenhower

July 18, 2018

I have had the wonderful opportunity to witness Carol Whitney’s Pranashakthi Earth Consciousness Seed Healing offering and I could really see the impact that she had on everyone in the room. I was able to center into myself to tune in and really receive.  I was very impressed with what came out of it and how invigorated and clear I felt.

I have done some Astrological chart work with her too and my jaw fell to the ground, this is what she is truly meant to be doing and she does it with such a divine and inspiring presence.  It is clear she can really help to activate and facilitate tremendous awakening and healing in the people she works with.

Michael, San Francisco, CA

June 18, 2018

Carol, Thanks for the wonderful evening, it is a blessing to have you at the Ashram.

Music was not invented or discovered, but rather something innate in us all. It comes as no surprise then, that for centuries sound healing has been used as therapy to ease any malady.


Carol Hicks, Massachusetts

June 17, 2018

I had the incredible opportunity in April this year to participate in a Pranashakhti Earth healing. My experience was very profound, deep and I felt a true connection of deep love and peace with the consciousness of Mother Earth. The Pranashakthi Earth Consciousness Seed offered me a profound experience of connection with the universe and other beings of light. And I was left with the message that we are all supported and held in divine love through a myriad of ways that we cannot even begin to know or understand.

Carol is a gifted practitioner of this incredible healing modality that I feel has real power to not only shift, but to also heal our planet while redefying our relationship to her. Every human should experience this!

Love and Peace,

Karusia Wroblewski, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 9, 2018

I have experienced energy healing from Carol Whitney through her music and her videos on the Facebook platform. Her arrangements of crystals, candles, flowers and intention carry a vibration of beauty and healing. There is something going in beyond art itself; there is a true transmission that uplifts and creates positive shift.

I have also ordered and received a piece of her ceramic work called “Bluebird of Happiness”. It is a tiny ceramic bird that is beautiful to look at and is also infused with healing energy when she makes them. Mine arrived on the day I had a very debilitating ankle sprain… my little bird buoyed my spirits and accelerated my healing.

Bethany Dongiovanni

June 11, 2018

On Earth Day of this year I had the gift of attending a workshop called Pranashakthi Consciousness of the Earth Seed Healing. It was facilitated by Carol Whitney at a healers leadership retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. Carol lead our group through a Sanskrit chant. We connected first to our own consciousness seeds and then we connected to the Consciousness Seed of Mother Earth. Having little to no experience with chanting meditations and this modality, I did not know what to expect. My experience was profound! When connection to my own consciousness, I felt myself become simultaneously very grounded and easily able to open my third eye. I was able to see a visual representation of the next part of the healing.

When connected and sending healing energy to Mother Earth I saw her seed as a purple ball of translucent light that was in constant motion and fluctuation both in density and size. I felt and witnessed my consciousness merge with hers during this meditation. The healing energy that we sent as a group through the Sanskrit chants was powerful, tangible and expansive for both our planet and ourselves. It was unlike anything I have experienced with healing meditations or practices.

Carol is highly gifted and connected to our current movement as a collective consciousness that is seeking to reunite with the Divine Mother and heal our Earth. My Prayer is that her work is received all over the globe as her abilities to deeply connect to what is and move and heal energy is incredible and very needed right now! Her work is relevant and rich. What is even more powerful is that she is able to guide others to participate in this healing work too which is both spiritually rewarding and consciously expansive.

Lisa Martin, Los Angeles

June 11, 2018

I was having a low blood sugar episode and she helped me re-balance and stay in my body. And stabilize my energy.

The next day on Earth Day I experienced the Pranashakthi Consciousness of the Earth Seed Healing.   This was a powerful moment to receive this healing. I felt love for and from our beautiful Mother Earth.

Holly Johnson

June 10, 2018

Carol Whitney was the first to introduce me to introduce me to Pranashakthi and wow…. it was powerful. My first experience was with Carol leading a group session with a focus on healing for the Consciousness Seed of Mother Earth. The energetic vibration elevated quickly and created a profound feeling. My entire body was vibrating and I was in a different space that just a few minutes before we began. The power was clear as was the feeling received back from Mother Earth. This was such a beautiful gift that Carol shared with our group and a wonderful way to connect with and give back to Mother Earth.


June 9, 2018

When I saw Carol, I had PTSD from a previous relationship. I had tried many therapies, but none had worked. Then Carol worked her magic. She healed me and helped me learn the lesson my spirit hoped to take from my PTSD. Now I am free of PTSD and ready to live a new life. I am blessed to have worked with Carol, and very grateful for her kindness and skill.

Kevin and Erica Hitchock, Washington State

June 2, 2018

Carol helped out dog Jackson when he was ill. He was very receptive to her healing and was extremely happy to see her every time she came by.  The change in his demeanor after each session was remarkable.  We were both very impressed. He was lethargic and not himself but every time Carol stopped by he was full of energy and seemed younger that his years regardless of the illness. It was a special experience for all of us and I highly recommend her.


Juliet Jenkins  Oakley, CA

May 29, 2018

I met Carol Whitney on a healer’s leadership retreat in the Redwoods where she did the Pranashakthi Consciousness of the Earth Seed Healing for the group on Earth day.   It was an experience of a lifetime for me!  For the first time I could feel my Kundalini rising through my chakras, opening the petals of my third eye.  As we were chanting I could feel the powerful healing healing through me and Gaia at the same time. Carol truly has an amazing gift to share with the world, and those who are called to experience her work should really go for it!  Her humble nature and heart centered love for spreading this healing is genuine. My life is so blessed having met her. I love you Carol!

Seth Christman

May 13, 2018

Wonderful! I am blown away by Carol’s work! I apologize if there is some slight gore I talk about, if you have an uneasy stomach please ignore this comment and read the other testimonials.

I cut my finger down to the bone with an angle grinder.  I could see my own knuckle. Carol sent healing energy and within 3 days it closed up.  On day 10, it was healed most of the way.  All I used was coconut oil, calendula, yarrow and plantain- all natural medicines that common Americans consider a weed.

A couple of days into my finger healing my dog was attacked by another aggressive dog. He had to get stitches on his mouth, and a laceration on his chest. I could tell he was in alot of pain.  I reached back out to Carol and she said she would send healing later that night. This part will blow your mind…. I have the stretchiest dog in the world, I swear.   He LOVES to stretch.  When he’s laying down and I pet him, he ALWAYS stretches his toes.  He wouldn’t stretch at all. Well, he was laying there and I was sitting with him. All of the sudden he stretches allllll the way.  Immediately after, I got a text from Carol. He’s doing great now!

Wendy G. , Pennsylvania

March 31, 2018
Carol sent healing energies to my sweet cat several times on Facetime. It has been an amazing experience. My cat is fantastic. Thank you so much. Wendy in PA.

Natalie Reynolds Shemanski

March 15, 2018

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer in August of 2017.  We were told that because of the disease spreading outside of his abdomen, there was no cure for him.  However, he may possibly be a candidate for a clinical trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas.

The clinical trial consisted of a procedure called HIPEC (hot chemo washed throughout his abdomen for 60 minutes) along with Gastrectomy (removal of the stomach). Many patients do not qualify for for this clinical trial because  of how risky and extensive this is.  Just after my husband went through 9 cycles of chemotherapy, he was in fact considered a candidate for the clinical trial.

His surgeon told us multiple times how there are many bumps in the road along with this surgery and that it is a very very long and hard recovery.  Fast forward to now, he just underwent the surgery about three weeks ago and although the surgery went well, we did in fact undergo some bumps in the road. This is when I connected to Carol through a very dear friend.

We had been having a few rough days with complications and on this day in particular.  I knew things were getting really bad.  He was in horrible pain.  His J-tube (feeding tube inserted into the small intestine) was clogged and we also suspected a bowel obstruction. We had to go to ER fast. I had already reached out to our dear friend to let her know what was going on and that things were going South really fast.  She messaged me right back as we were in ER waiting to see the doctor and said connected me to Carol, who had right away started her healing and told me she felt intense pain on the left side of his abdomen.

By this point my husband was in the worst state I had ever seen him in!  He was shaking uncontrollably and could barely speak.  I was shocked at what she said because that is the side where the J-tube is located. Within a couple of seconds, he all of the sudden settled down and was able to talk, hold a conversation and became alot more relaxed.

The x-rays showed that there may have been an obstruction, but now things were moving along. They found that there was nothing to be concerned about. It appeared that the obstruction had moved along on it’s own!  It was just amazing to see the difference in the state he was within seconds after Carol started her healing.  It was mind-blowing actually.

As we still have a long road ahead with this recovery as well as starting chemo again, I will be reaching out to Carol not only for healing my husband but also for healing for myself during this very trying roller coaster.  She was truly a blessing that day! My sincere gratitude to her always.

Ajaya Drall, San Francisco, CA

March 6, 2018

I say I have absolute faith in Pranashakthi Healing by Carol Whitney.  I was someone, who questioned and tried to make sense of how healing works.  How is it possible that someone can heal you? That was until I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  I was really sick. The medications were not helping with my back pain and internal discomfort. I reached out to Carol for a healing session.  That day I totally surrendered to her for a one hour session followed by a couple more sessions. She also performed a remote healing while I was doing my treatment.  I will have to say that within a few days, I felt that my body was happy; I started sleeping, my back stopped hurting and I felt I was more relaxed and did not feel sick.  It was unbelievable. You have to have upmost faith for this magic to work.  Don’t even have a doubt about it in your mind about Carol.  She brings pure energy and you will feel it.  I am very grateful to the universe that pushed me to Carol or else I would have stayed miserable. Thank you Carol, you have magic in your hands and your healing. Love You.

Chandranandana Devi Dasi

February 27, 2018

I received energy work from Carol while I was grieving the suicide of my boyfriend. The pain my heart was experiencing was unlike any pain I have ever experienced in my life. My body ached as well. I felt so shattered, broken….nothing was helping me feel better. I figured why not receive a Pranashakthi healing, I am at rock bottom, nowhere else to go. I didn’t even really believe in Pranashakhti because who really knows about energy work. I couldn’t have been more surprised. It was a very transformative experience. Carol is a magic healer and she can help you heal a broken heart. I recommend this healing Carol does to anyone feeling down and needs a heart expanding pick-me up. Don’t knock it til you try it, just be open to the experience. 🙂

Brad Young,  San Francisco, CA

February 13, 2018

My Labrador Retriever, Roo, suffers from Lupus. Carol sensed Roo was in pain when I ran into Carol Randomly in SF, even though symptoms are not easily recognizable. Carol kindly provided an “off the cuff” healing session that dramatically improved Roo’s symptoms for years. Carol’s energy immediately put Roo into a calm receptive state not in her typical disposition 🙂 .

I highly recommend Carol for animal healing and I am certain her work contributed to a profound improvement in my dog’s health.

***Note from Carol regarding this session with Roo. Roo approached me at a corner store when I was buying a water. I had lost one of my client’s a Chow mix Jackson. This dog had lived an extra 6 months so I grew attached to him. The vet predicted this dog had 2 weeks to live. Jackson had passed a day prior to this and I was thinking of this dog when Roo gave me a dog hug by leaning into my leg and smiling up at me. That is how I connected with her. She did not ask for my help with her issue but was comforting me missing my dog friend. I was happy I could help this generous soul. 

Karusia Wroblewski, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

January 21, 2018

As I read your Etsy message about how you infused my bluebird with extra energy, I felt a beautiful shift and opening. On Friday, I sprained my ankle quite hard stepping off a curb while avoiding a tangle of cars…”Bluebird of Happiness” came to me and I felt a flow of joy bathing my ankle. I quietly got myself home and continued with pranayama, homeopathics, gentle restorative movement and Reiki.

Here’s the miraculous part: no swelling, none at all. From experience I can tell you this is unusual. Today I have stiffness and some connective tissue weakness; all of this is easily manageable. Your little bluebird has some big energy that got to Canada very quickly. I wanted you to know. Blessings on your healing gifts.

**Regarding the healing infused Bluebird of Happiness porcelain birds I make that are infused with healing energy before they are fired.  Provides healing on the go and acts as a reminder to remain in high vibrational joy.

Azra Simonetti, Santa Cruz

January 3, 2018

My session with Carol Whitney was filled with presence and supportive love. I could feel a wave of energy pass through me and my spirit felt gently calmed as the session proceeded. This calm continued during the following days and I found myself realizing some profound insights about a troubling situation I was concerned about.

I would recommend Carol’s work to anyone wishing to get in touch with their wise and dynamic true selves for the possibility of lasting change.

Debbie Georgia, USA

January 3, 2018

Due to heavy fragrance exposure, I suffered from bunt lungs and sinuses and became hypersensitive to all scents. I contacted Carol and researched my options.

Upon my first remote session with her I could feel Carol (Spirit)massaging my lungs and sinuses. It tickled and was refreshing as well as comforting. We always spoke afterword and she could describe what I was feeling. As the weeks went by with additional remote sessions I noticed my Chemical Bronchitis and sinusitis was disappearing and I became less reactive to scents. At work, I had to wear three different charcoal masks. Thanks to Carol’s healing sessions I am able to work totally without any charcoal masks.

Carol’s Healing Sessions are so amazing with her Clair-cognizance (clear knowing) and Clair-sentience(clear sensing) gifts! There is no doubt that Carol’s intentions are to facilitate the highest healing possible for her clients,she acts with honesty and integrity, and only works for you highest good. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a gentle, safe divine healing session for any physical, mental or emotional issues that you would like to address!

Vickie Hansen, De Soto Kansas

December 18, 2017

I wanted to let you know that Max(dog) has improved! He still walks funny but I sense a greater movement in his lower back and hip joints! His knees still pop and make horrible sounds but he has more spunk! My grandson just today made the comment that he is walking better so it isn’t my imagination.

I also wanted to let you know that after you sent me healing that my ankle pain has greatly decreased too!

I am truly grateful for you love and guidance, and for your beautiful heart that reached out to help us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Nicole Piper, New Zealand

December 12, 2017

My baby, Musk(cat)was very sick, not a clue what was wrong with her and preparing for the worst yet still hoping for the best. Carol came across my quest for natural aid, she understood my personal beliefs and also my circumstances. She works wonders through the universe and beyond. My darling girl is almost back to her normal self a week later with no aid from vets or pharmaceuticals.

Carol was lovely to talk to with amazing experiences to share. Musk and I will be forever grateful for what she has done for us. Words simply cannot explain as I type this with tears rolling down my cheeks. Not only did I get to have Musk stay by my side, I also made a new life long friend. Don’t hesitate, I know she works miracles. Thank you for saving another life. Bless you. Love and Light always, Nicole and Musk

Monica Barrera, San Francisco

April 10, 2017

I want to thank you for the healing that you did on me, wow! It is amazing how it is working in particular I feel strong enough not to look back to my ex partner. Now my life is moving more into the harmony peace and love of the world! A million thank yous! Big hug! Blessings to you now and always!.

Vickie Gambill, Texas

October 31, 2016

I was referred to Carol Whitney by a lightworker friend I trust. I was facing a scary medical condition of retinal bleeding near the Macula Optic Nerve in both eyes. My doctors feared that I would lose my sight. Carol assisted me right away. I had four phone sessions where she sent me remote Pranashakthi healing to me in Texas from San Francisco on 1/27/16, 1/28/16, 2/5/16, and 2/8/16.

After one session the worst eye cleared and the bleeding stopped. After the third phone session my surgeon told me my left eye (the worst) had completely healed & my right eye was much better. He also said there was no Diabetes or High Blood Pressure which are normally paired with this type of issue.

By the following Wednesday both eyes had healed and a surgery which was planned for 2/10/2016 was called off. Doctors are surprised yet somewhat confused. During these sessions Carol also worked on a torn Rotator Cuff I had which was causing me pain down my spine and lower back. This also completely healed. Carol is an incredible, loving and gentle healer and I highly recommend her. 

Lisa Powell, North Carolina

October 20, 2016

I contacted Carol when I sensed worry in my 7 year old lab, Jake. I usually can tell what he wants but this time it was something different. She told me he was worried about me. I’d never even thought of that,it broke my heart. So she communicated to him that I was fine,that he didn’t have to worry. He noticeably seemed more relaxed, even wagging his tail more, just happier. She has helped me as well with her amazing healing.

Vasudeva Dasa, Berlin

August 24, 2016

In the beginning of the year I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. I needed to get 8 rounds of chemotherapy, which was of course terrible to hear.

When you are at your lowest, God sends his angels to help you and Carol was one of these angels. She offered me her help and I gratefully accepted it. In her loving, gentle and authentic way she sent me healing on many occasions. She would check up on how I was progressing. I did a combination of both chemotherapy and the divine healing of Carol. The result was that I suffered almost no side-effects from the chemo and that on my halfway scan, no visible signs of the lymphomas were present anymore. This meant I needed two rounds of chemo less.

I cannot thank Carol enough for all of the healing, love and support she sent me through this tough and challenging time of my life.

Chandrika White

August 13, 2016

My name is Chandrika White.  I had a very bad road traffic accident on October 30, 2015. I was knocked down and ran over by a truck in India. I had multiple injuries and could have easily died. The doctors said I had a 50/50 percent chance of living. However, as soon as Carol heard of my plight, she immediately began to send me alot of healing which had a miraculous effect! Not only did I survive, but I am walking quite well and most of my injuries are healed!

The doctors were amazed! I highly recommend her! She is truly a most powerful, amazing and miraculous healer!

Lupe Garcia

July 24, 2016

I really loved Carol’s work. Her voice is very soothing and she guides you softly with alot of care and love. I was struggling with personal problems and feeling overwhelmed. When we finished I felt lighter and happier, more like myself. If she chants for Its like angels surround you! Thank you Carol.

Ginny Williams, Tucson AZ

June 30, 2016,

I  recently became very ill and the doctors were unable to diagnose the exact cause. I used an herbal protocol with sum success, but still was not completely will after a few weeks. I reached out to Carol because I knew that I could benefit from some energy healing.

Carol suggested we try distance healing over the phone using Pranashakthi. Her sensitive and compassionate demeanor was incredibly comforting as she explained the different types of healing techniques she was using. I felt results right away, pleasant sensations of warmth and vibration flowing through different parts of my body.

I slept for several hours after out session and awoke, I noticed a positive difference in how I felt. I had relief from the pain I had been experiencing for weeks. My vitality and energy was returning. I’m now back to my healthy, normal self. I am grateful to Carol for sharing the enefty healing that made all the difference in my recovery. Thank You, Carol!

Paola Lari

March 23, 2016

I recommend Carol for Pranashakti healing because she is very loving and her sessions make me feel calm, peaceful and clear.

Srila BV Sadhu Maharaja-Vrindavin India-

Excerpt from the book The Sweetness of Divine Love Volume Two

November 2014 from a talk in Vrindavan

So when you get the shelter of Swamini Radhika, the mercy of that brings you out from all difficulties. It is all mercy. We don’t know what happens but it starts happening. Like healers, when they heal, we don’t understand what is happening, what they are doing, but we get the benefit. Yesterday, she (one Devotee Ragani) healed me, here, from the heart. My whole face started itching, like (it had) ants inside. She is so powerful! And then, I set here and I feel relief here. So it is capacity.

Radhika is the greatest healer, she is the main healer. Automatically! You don’t know (how it happens), but (when you take shelter of her) a reaction, (a healing effect) will start and all your bindings will open and you will realize everything. That is Her capacity, Her mercy.

*Ragani is Carol Whitney’s spiritual name.

Laurie Moore, PHD- Author of Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans

February 1, 2016

Carol Whitney helped one of my best friends in the whole world recover from a stroke and many complications. She is a phenomenally gifted healer. I like to send friends, clients and colleagues to her as I know they will be in top notch hands.

Kristin Leekley- Santa Cruz, CA

February 1, 2016

Kiera is so much better. The skin issue was a chronic condition. Your healing has made a significant improvement to her wellness, much more than anything I have tried. Her fur will take time to grow back, but the skin looks like it is healing. Thanks so much for everything! You’ve made an amazing difference in her health. Thank you so much!

*regarding her cat Kiera

Myriam Mimouni, Berlin

January 29, 2016

Carol, sweetheart, don’t know how you do it but I felt an instant relief from my back pain. You sure are blessed with a great gift. Glad you’re doing something with it. I’m grateful I can benefit from it! Was nice meeting you in India, hope to see you again one day.

Kelly McPhail Wallace, Denver, CO

January 24, 2016

Website: http://www.corspirit.weebly.com

It is my greatest pleasure to recommend Carol Whitney’s healing work for almost any type of imbalance. I’ve known Carol for over 30 years and have experienced her energy healing processes on many occasions. Her work is gentle, loving and profoundly deep. She is extremely present, nurturing and very, very sincere as she offers her gifts during the session. After working with Carol, I always feel lighter, more joyful and deeply loved. She carries peace and light within her and when she shares that during a session, you end up feeling a LOT better.

Edit Farkas

January 31, 2015

Surprised By the Effects of Carol’s Healing

From time to time I get knee pain related to an operation I had. The pain comes from moving the in a certain way which aggravates it. This pain is so intense I cannot walk. The only cure which helps is to take rest for several hours to several days. Once when this pain happened Carol offered to give me a treatment. My knee felt hot during her healing and sometimes a little more pain. However, when she was finished the healing, the pain had totally disappeared. I have never experienced anything like this before. I was very grateful to her.

Similar unexpected results occurred on a different day when she helped me with an upset stomach. It was resolved immediately.

James Wickert, Sacramento, CA

Website: http://www.transgendercoach.org

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Appendix Cancer and was told I would have 2 years to live. I was hospitalized on and off for about 4 months.
During this time they took out my appendix, my gall bladder, some of my colon, some of my liver, and 24 lymph nodes (and a few other things).  I had a procedure called the “Sugar Baker”, where they inundated me with chemo, and then I wore a chemo bag for about 3 months. It was horrific!!!

Carol (my angel) came to the rescue! I was a bit skeptical at first. She came to my home and did Pranashakthi with her prayers, music, beads, and touch.  It has been an amazing journey! I was cured!

About 2 years later the cancer came back. Carol worked on me, both in person, but mainly remotely this time. Once again, I was healed!!
Since then I have had various knee injuries, hip replacements, etc. Carol has helped get me through them all.

The latest healing she did for me was incredible. I attribute it to the power of connection she has to the Divine now.  An MRI showed that my shoulder has NO cartilage in it from all of the chemo and arthritis. I have been in SEVERE pain for almost a year. My orthopedist told me that surgery would be necessary. That next weekend I went to visit Carol.

We were enjoying a conference together when I told her about the pain in my shoulder.  I would wake up screaming in the night.  As I was putting things in the car she touched my shoulder lightly for about 5 minutes. The pain went away!

It’s been a month now and even though I carry minor pain I have been swimming, throwing balls, and sleeping without pain. Carol truly has a very special gift!! She is the real deal.

If she showed up on screen, or in your life, it is for a reason. She is a kind a caring person and will go out of her way for you.  I love her with all of my heart.  PEACE to ALL of MY RELATIONS.

Constanzie J. Vasquez

Double board certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Fred Naraghi, gazes in amazement at my xrays, shifting his eyes from computer monitor and back to me, whilst wearing a huge smile on his face on May 20, 2014. He continued to shake his head in astonishment as he proceeded to share a detailed story from his past.

Since I had shared with him my experience with the healing from Carol April 2014, which changed my life. He recalls witnessing this type of technique which took place in a small village of his native land of Iran. He went on to say that he fully admits that energy work is very real and effective.

This healing technique, performed on me occurred in early April 2014 by Carol Whitney,  and is called “Pranahakthi”. Carol Whitney briefly explained how “Pranashakthi” works on infinite dimensions. I was very skeptical, as usual,  but later realized that ironically I had been granted the gift of desperation! My desperation led me to seek relief from the pain, or at least find ease from the constant pain (24 hours a day 7days a week.)

I finally surrendered and became willing to try anything in order to ease the suffering from the constant, excruciating pain.  The injury I sustained, resulted in a microdiskectomy in September of 2009 and a failed TLIF fusion in early January of 2012. This, coupled with my second painful divorce, and homelessness at the ripe age of 36, is what helped facilitate the WILLINGNESS to try ANYTHING!

Although I realized the high improbability of gaining 100%  full range of motion, I at the very least, wanted to be able to manage the pain without pharmaceutical drugs. Why it took over 2 years for the bone to begin forming a solid bridge is beyond my comprehension and leaves baffling questions.

Dr. Naraghi had stated over and over that spinal fusions should occur no later than a year after surgery. Anything after that would require surgical scar tissue removal.  So what happened to the scar tissue then?  I was also told this scar tissue would have to be surgically removed, since it forms in between the donor bone and my own vertebrae. This would make solid fusion impossible should the scar tissue stay intact. The previous xrays taken less than one year ago, determined there was significant scar tissue already formed.  At that point, my choices were left to two options. Either I begin preparations to undergo my third spine surgery, which meant a full reconstruction on my lumbar spine using the ALIF approach, or have a morphine pain pump threaded through my spine.

However, miraculously on May 20, 2014, the results from my xrays came in and there was medical “proof”  that my spine condition had improved by nearly  60%.  Which was once regarded as a seemingly hopeless story took a turn for the best.  Where once there was scar tissue is now solid bone. The fusion took!

Angela Nelson

I had an intense tension headache that radiated from my temples, throughout my skull and down my neck. Carol did one healing session with me and it was gone! I’d tried rest, hydration, meditation and eating and couldn’t get t to completely leave. Thanks Carol!!!

Martha Williams, Pacifica, CA

I wanted you to know that my hands have healed and I feel normal for the first time in over 3 years. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.  You have a gift and I feel very blessed that I was the recipient of that gift. Take care and again THANK YOU!