In 2012 Pranashakthi became my life’s focus and I suddenly realized why I was here. I was seeking to assist my father who was experiencing a rapidly spreading cancer. I instinctively knew I was sensitive to energy though it was only a few months earlier that I tried any modality.  My heart pushed me to look further. Knowingness is one of my gifts. We each have different understandings that can awaken the more we listen, trust and meditate. Some people see color, imagery, sense things. I myself, know and feel primarily.

On April 30, 2012 I heard an inner voice insisting I attend the fire ceremony at Brahmananda Ashram in San Francisco. I have my own Fire Ceremony I do there now. It is a lovely peaceful place I normally visit so I assumed I just needed grounding. This night was special however. I met Shri Yogacharya Arun Kumarji of Chennai India, who humbly entered the temple in and began a lively lecture about Pranashakthi Mahavidya a class and a basic initiation he was planning to offer.

Pranashakthi is a powerful energetic modality which utilizes infinite dimensions to connect to cosmic consciousness or source energy to remove suffering in all its forms. It therefore has freedoms that from this dimension’s perspective would seem miraculous. Pranashakthi chooses what is needed and utilizes the intuition of the person who is sending the healing. Pranashakthi Healing is in essence pure unconditional love from the Divine Mother.

Impressed by this teaching I called to find out the date Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar would come back to give the basic initiation. Because it was a month later, I forgot, but was blessed to be at the ashram with Kankana Banerjee finishing my music lesson when Arun Kumar arrived. After the initiation I left to meet friends with doubts of how this would work in my mind. He had spoken of miraculous experiences of it resolving many issues both physical and mental. It just seemed too simple.

At dinner my friend’s sister said she was suffering a five year elbow injury. As we waited for the food to arrive I offered to try out what I had just learned. I felt the heat in my hands. The woman was instantly relieved of the pain and the problem never resurfaced. This was enough proof, I immediately signed up for level one and two.

For me Pranashakthi works just as well remotely as it does in person. I got my start sending healing remotely to my dad daily and in person until he passed. He did not have pain though most who have bone cancer do. I consider this a gift from my father as I would not have taken this on with such passion without the motivation of my desire to help him.

What I have learned from over a thousands of healings and from my guru is to never set limits of what can change energetically, physically and mentally. I have seen a tumor shrink, a person come out of a coma without issues whom doctors pronounced brain dead, nerve damage repair, immune disorders resolve, retina repair and tendon repair to name a few. What is possible is far greater than our limited minds can comprehend. The key to Pranashakthi is surrender to the divine flow, to have compassion, to trust in infinite possibility and understand this energy is directed by divine guidance. I often assist when surgeries are taking place. Notably the recovery times are faster than expected and I feel that the support of being present remotely eases the person’s mind.

Many of my students have found me as a result of a difficult physical or emotional issues or blocks. I feel Pranashakthi attracts to me the people who are in need of my help. When I help people, they can become intrigued and often want to learn.  I also specialize in animals. The natural connection I have to animals has enabled me to assist my furry friends who are so beautifully receptive, trusting and grateful for the assistance.