Carol Whitney is a Master Pranashakthi healer and teacher located in San Francisco. She is available for sessions remotely or in person.  She regularly teaches Pranashakthi Mahavidya Level One to Level Four at Yoga Society in San Francisco. She is available to lecture or give interviews on the modality’s benefits.  She is sought out nationally and internationally to assist animals and people for  mental or physical problems of all sorts. She is dedicated to learning and assisting others.

Each week at the Yoga Society in San Francisco on Thursday nights she leads a homa fire ceremony at 7:30 pm followed by free Kirtan at 8:00 p.m.

Carol is a Hindustani classical musician who studies with Kankana Banarjee, of Mumbai India she  trains vocally also with Gina Sala of Washington State and Anand Mallick of Vrindavan, India. She also hosts a weekly kirtan at Yoga Society in San Francisco.

Pranashakthi has been incorported  into her ceramic art by infusing pieces with Pranashakthi healing energy while in it’s wet form so that the water molecules absorb the energies which later get fired into each piece. She works with cone ten porcelain and her designs are drawn in wax similar to batik with henna like pactterns.