Consciousness of the Collective

I have been thinking about the nature of thoughts as living things and the vibratory nature of silence and harmony versus disharmony or unrest for many years. This concept is not new. Since I’m just back from India, I was out of my own San Francisco space for awhile and I see more clearly on this. As I observed and sat with this, lI was struck by the concept that each person is responsible for their own environmental field as it is. I have had this thought often especially as it relates to mantra, and meditation. Depending on the nature of thought, and clarity of mind can create vitality or the opposite.

Working in a law firm I witness people facing off with expensive suits which are often contentious and It seems like I ended up working in here to see the bigger picture of the nature of what it is to be well from a deep level or learning what not to do. Also I learned how to modulate my energy based on my own vibration not on externals. I still generate thought forms and sometimes the disruption of energy within my field while at work can require a new level of detachment and a salt bath.

So there is the space that we all live within, a vibratory energetic environment that has memory as in, if a temple has been chanted within for hundreds of years and people enter it is easy to feel that. This is the same with your brain, your home, your job. If your mind gets into negative thinking, blame or self doubt it pulls you down but it also pollutes the space. If a couple fights in their home daily it creates disharmony that becomes dense and radiates to the neighbors. Maybe on the other hand you laugh, chant mantra, sing and burn incense. It is up to you what is added.

Besides words themselves loving energy to self and grounding energies is a way to assure a positive inner environment that reflects in the outer.

What is important is that we can sweeten peoples lives or our own by the thoughts we project. We are also subject to the energies around us. Neutrality is important as to not feed into the collective drama with judgment. If someone has rage in a room that even if you don’t know that person it will effect you to walk into that space where the anger occurred.

So be kind in the thoughts you have about yourself and others. Stay neutral if someone gets heated. Do your best to control the energies so that wherever we go harmony can exist and amplify! This is a simple truth that through awareness can greatly impact the whole.