Sound, Energy and Relation to Unified Vibration- Cleanup on Aisle Nine

I have been increasingly sensitive to sound and how it can be peaceful or dissonant. What sparked this thought I was preparing to apply for some things for myself and others I am collaborating with. I decided to go have a coffee down the street to contemplate and start the process. When I arrived it was quiet and I was settling into my soul and able to begin to receive guidance.

Suddenly a new employee started their shift. Pop music started blasting and every time a coffee was made the espresso grinder was run and the release lever was banged aggressively. I see energy but more importantly I feel it. It could be that this bright person wants to follow her dreams bur has to work at a coffee shop but really she is an entrepreneur or something. It isn’t for me to worry about. The point is how do we keep the energetic environment in check?

This experience reminded me of an understanding I have from my intuitive sensitivities. I share not because I feel I am all knowing but because not everyone processes information as I do. Growing up I thought everyone saw as I did. Later I was surprised to realize my insights were unique.

As someone who processes mostly through intuition primarily knowing and feeling I have internal feedback when I witness and interact with myself, social interactions and surroundings.

I have always thought about this topic. Many many years ago Caroline Myss discussed “thoughts as things” which I totally agree with and had contemplated this often.

In 2012 my guru Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumarji discussed energy and how it can have sort of a memory. The memory wording is how I describe what he discussed which is that if a fight occurs in a room and both people leave, a new person, unaware of this transgression can walk into that pocket of energy and become angry themself. This talk greatly moved me because it explained big portions of my life.

What I realized was that based on my sensitivities I had already stopped watching tv because the content of media was not something I wanted in my field. I realized that many problems I experienced in understanding my place in the world when I was younger was because I felt others experiences as my own. I was unable to differentiate between my feelings or what was coming from around me. I would often become confused or reactive without having a source of it. I didn’t have deep faith or understanding yet.

I am also able to know so if someone is saying one thing to me and generating another type of energy that was not aligned with what they were saying. For example if someone was nice to me but secretly had another type of judgment I would always know. The reverse was also true if someone was acting disinterested but were fascinated by me I would also know.

The results of these findings was that I decided to go to love. I stopped caring long ago about judgments but no longer try to rally for people’s positive viewpoints of me and just focused on being me. A person is like art. Not everyone likes the same masterpiece.

I also did my best to stay away from bars, complaining, judgments, I do not eat meat because I don’t agree with it but also energetically it is taking on the suffering of the animal who was traumatized.

So looking deeper I began to see the gestalt of it. While looking at the whole that study of Masaru Emoto the Japanese author who demonstrated that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water with his photos of frozen water molecules that were infused with words I began to see more connections. If you are not familiar with the study, the crystals of frozen water with positive words were beautiful and negative words created deformities in the crystals.

This study inspired me. I was already making little porcelain birds for friends called Bluebirds of Happiness. I would make them for people I knew who were struggling with a divorce or any type of need for uplifting vibrations. I began to infuse my birds with Pranashakthi healing to the wet molecules of clay so that the positive energy would be fired into the little friend. I began offering these birds publicly on Etsy.

So what is the bigger picture here? I am still bringing together what this means but how we express ourselves inwardly and outwardly creates our energetic environment. Going back to the original example of the person that started their shift. This is not judgment but fascination. We create our lives by our thoughts which is why affirmations are useful. What this points to is conscious responsibility of our energy.

Amma often does the Peace Flower Meditaion and chants Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu meaning may all beings everywhere be happy and free. Why does she do this? This is very deep because it is helping to neutralize misappropriated energy and generating high vibrations.

I am a Bhakta meaning I find my way to moksha through my devotion and music. I also sing Hindustani classical music. Singing and sound is another way to clear the energetic field. Mantras are a way to clean up thought disturbances stray thoughts. When we focus on the good of the other or the good of the whole we add to the positivity of the field.

Continual fear based or negativethought forms create a samskara that gets stronger and stronger. This can cause depression and even illness. This same action turned positive does the opposite:

I hope this list below will inspire. Please let me know how this resonates for you.

What are some key ways to uplift the whole?

  • Be kind to yourself and drop self judgments. Love your authentic self.
  • Sing mantra or something joyful
  • Have gratitude for others and for all aspects of life even if the situation you face is not what you want exactly
  • Stop cluttering the mind with politics and news stories about calamities of the world
  • Drop gossip and or judgment and refuse to enable that in others
  • Be joyful
  • See the good in others and help them see it in themself in a humble, honoring way
  • Drop any need to be right
  • Don’t let vulnerabilities dictate your response. If you have had trauma don’t feed into that timeline anymore.
  • Do not match energy if someone is attacking or angry neutralize the field by holding your own vibration and having clear compassion
  • Do not pity anyone
  • Love for loves sake
  • Be of service however you can even if that is just by smiling at everyone you see today
  • Observe and correct responses. So not allow yourself to get triggered by anyone’s actions. Become yogic and unmovable from the core of self.
    Take salt baths to clear cumulative energy buildup from within and without
  • Chant mantra daily
  • Stop eating meat

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