Technology and Spirituality

My issues with technology surpass the average persons’. In part, because I am a healer, my energy throws off GPS, streetlights, watches etc. creating a glitch. There is a word for this. It is called being a “slider”.

Recently my internet and phone crashed simultaneously. I wrote this blog at that time and it do not upload. I have heard predictions that at some point there may be some solar flares or something that kicks off electronics. I am not about catastrophe or even predictions but it made me think.

Let’s imagine all electronic devices completely died simultaneously. Even if it was only phones or internet. Here’s what we would not have at our fingertips. No gps, no email and no phone, no cloud, no instant access to recipes and no social media no contacts. We would not have Whats App making it possible to see or speak to loved ones anywhere or the world. So many conveniences operate on electricity and internet. For some people their stoves would not work. Medical devices, and more. So many things.

The internet makes everything instantly available. The advancement has positives in that inspiration via music, visuals or words can easily be transmitted. The world becomes smaller. It also becomes more energetically busy.

The one thing I did notice in this “living experiment” was my dependency on a device for anything from directions to keeping current with my business. Without a phone, this I was literally writing down directions. In the South Bay I am less familiar with the area and my night vision is not as sharp. I have embodied this luxury of GPS so I don’t worry about the exacts and save the drive space of my brain for other things.

Having internet in case someone needs healing is something I use all of the time. Although I do not need to have internet to heal remotely, a video call enhances the person’s experience and there is further information I receive by seeing.

Our device handles so much we don’t have to. We don’t have to memorize numbers, remember to pay bills by their due date many things are simply automated.

Automation frees our minds but it also amplifies what can be emoted through our field as in massive amounts of emails, and other types of media. Our minds can loose focus. This overstimulation can create an a feeling of pressure within the environment especially at this time of year.

Meditation is more important than ever. It is unclear the long term effects ot the pace of technology or how it reflects in the world. Besides the faster pace there are so many benefits. A charity can collect funds instantly, a sangha can’t stay connected, I can if I can talk her into it learn Hindustani Classical from Kankana Banerjee right now if she is free. The entire world can know in the blink of an eye that Ram Dass has passed to spirit which brings together so many hearts into a space of unity, gratitude and reflection on his contributions.

This access is a tool for growth or greater reach. One persons can use it to plan a trip to climb Mount Everest. It can be used to research a form of advancement in cleaning the environment. I can donate and within several hours time up to 300 hungry people can be fed directly. I myself use internet to send out Pranashakthi Healing anywhere in the world. I was able to send to Seattle and assist someone out of a coma but that was done without internet.

Remote healing doesn’t require internet but it is helpful to receive a message. It is also supportive for the person who receives to see it occurring because the connection is love and that provides a great deal of strength. As well as the importance of connecting.

My point in writing this was that by losing my data and my connection for some time, it enabled me to see and have space to contemplate more on the topic. Usually if a phone dies it is simply replaceable and no issue so that window of space is not there.

My issue was a larger and more complicated one so this blog is the silver lining. Since it is the holiday season I have decided to have an event at Yoga Society San Francisco. The ashram has a place to have Agni Hotra. In the spirit of bringing back in the grounding I am leading a ceremony for the New Year a few days early to avoid the crowds and to land it on a weekend. To lighten the pace and bring back serenity is my intension.

I will utilize the fire element’ mantra, Pranahakthi and meditation to set the space. If my students are in town we can together create an even stronger field of healing vibrations. Anyone who wants to learn the intro Pranashakthi I can provide Diksha and explain how to use the energy healing. All are welcome.

I will offer individual blessings and healing and we can use the fire (Agni) and the peaceful space resulting from mantra and healing to ignite our highest version of self. The gathering will end in Kirtan.

photo credit black and whites – Jeffery Carrillo! Color – me 🙂 Thanks 🙏

Shooting Star

Last night I pulled in after a long day of commuting for the sake of Pranashakthi. I had also been looking for an open copy store since I had a commitment during the day with my guru. I am having a healing celebration on healing event next weekend on the 28th. Nothing was opened so I drove to Gillroy 12 miles, just as the doors were being locked.

The drive home was arduous as I was sleepy but I played and sang chants mostly to Krishna. This warmed my heart because I associate India with this time of year! There were many lights up in the South Bay so I was given uninterrupted time with myself to just be!

I was listening to the final song sung for Divine Mother as I arrived in San Francisco so exhausted! I was recording a lovely Bansuri Flute section for a friend who loves chanting and flute. I was sitting in my car looking up the hill. A bright and long shooting star fell right in front of me at eye level. This synchronicity lets me know I’m on the right path and affirms my gratitude for all such occurrences.

I cannot help people if they do not know that I hold gifts of healing within me. I can only shine my light. Word of mouth is amazing and it really is all there is, but I can no longer avoid my calling. I intend that I meet those who are ready or resonate with the work I do.

My event is Saturday Dec. 28th at Yoga Society San Francisco. I hope to see you!

Planetary Squeeze

Do you feel the churning pressure of this massive energy flow. The planetary weather has a not so subtle agenda to push us from our illusionary nests of Maya (ignorance) into our true nature and vocation within the heart of purity!

From bliss to frustration and back refines the soul. It is not easy to be upside down in this wave of forgotten mastery without knowing what end is up. The spinning sands block the sun creating confusion and urgency for our spirits. My lungs are somehow powerful enough to drift in this silent but active space. To return to Center wiser is the real point. Avoidance of mis creation in thoughts, words and reactions and deeds can be the ultimate test.

It is surreal time from a feeling perspective I cannot deny the density. Within this purification super spin the snakes of fear and emotion are spitting out poison from us all and mirroring out. This Maha purge of foolery is by design.

Every sorrow or mistake in action based on old patterns are being amplified to comic and cosmic proportions. The Sadika of my soul has left the cave in frustration to have a full blown temper tantrum of a child. I’m hoping this transitory mood doesn’t go viral either physically or energetically. But all joking aside there are times I just want to cry at taking so long to learn this or that lesson. That and 8 hours of electronics repairs.

Why such drastic density? What is the purpose of this vice grip and shakedown? Must everyone school me, the sudden amateur, in how to handle that which spews out to purify me. Yes I do ask for that mirror because I am far from perfect. And because that in itself is perfection!

What is underneath this is pure gold beyond this faux reality. Eyes that see the shine of the leaves. Is this what they mean by dark night of the soul? Deep purification? I used to roll my eyes with this topic until now. Always there is emphasis here is light and supreme clarity. With bright light there is also shadow.

I am grateful that I know without looking that there is something brewing in the in the stars and skies. Be gentle and be kind. I am grateful! I am love! I am in surrender. I honor each process I participate in. Namaste!

The Art of Writing

Writing is art. It is a soul being born, the unique words flow into being. The sentences choose themselves, a gift falling in from the mind and either. Instead of paint, the medium is connection, observation, feeling, reflection and presence.

This form of expression is both a mystical and alchemical process. Besides an objective key to spirit, it is a way of sharing viewpoints, love, beauty, hope, inspiration, vibration, healing and concepts. For me writing can also be a way for me to step outside of myself to see my process with objective fresh eyes. I is like editing a book for someone else as opposed to trying to edit your own book after working on it for hours. It serves as a step back.

I believe it is partially through writing that I learned that quality of stepping back mentally from situations in my life to see the whole wide picture, motives, truth and it has in part honed my ability to read situations. It is like Quora only the questions are answered by yourself. Some sadhus do this by observing silence. Writing, if you think about it, is a way of being deeply present with self to allow what has been listened to to manifest. I am grateful that as I grew I always kept journals to sort through my experiences. The cumulative practice pays off so I can now edit others writings as well as hone my own.

Meditation enhances the ability to receive inspiration and clarity because it is like soil for seeds. The birth of the pen to paper comes in at first through silence. I used to work in a darkroom for many hours. I would be in the dark in order to process up to forty rolls of film. I would play music and just feel the rolls of film as I placed them onto the cartridges. It was such a tactile presence. The deep focus opened my mind and poetry would come through. As I then developed the film it gave me more time. I would write in the dark. Once the process began it would continue outside of the darkroom.

With the distractions of the day and responsibilities it is now harder to carve out time to just be. This is one of my practices. It brings me joy to open my heart creatively.

Pranashakthi Rudruksha Healing Bliss

I am trained to do a deep healing with Rudruksha malas. The purpose is an overall regenerate session. First is to prepare the body to receive, them to clear any negative energies and finally to add nectar. These loving sessions utilizes the energies of Shiva.

Tonight I had a session and in the last aspect my body was burning up on fire with the energies coming through. The receiver however felt cool.

No healing is ever the same as each person is unique, like a river flows so does a being. Even the same person is never the same twice. Similarly the practitioner will also have different energy.

Right now I am feeling such a deep sense of peace and and can feel every cell and molecule of self. There are waves and waves of warmth as in love flowing. My third eye, crown chakra and throat and heart feel deep pulsations of loving pranic energy. The waves of contentment continue!

It is time for a deep sleep now.

I don’t talk about offering this type of healing often but I should because It is really a treat to receive even as the giver.


Do you know what it is to know? It is a form of sensing where through the body, tuning to how it feels and sitting with self, answers come.

This is something that has always been developed in me. In fact I did not realize that this was something not everyone could tap into. I can step back energetically as if zooming out and see whole pictures of situations. I know who I should introduce to each other as in friends because I feel vibratory rates. I know truth when I see it and the opposite of that. I know what resonates!

When I say know I don’t mean like knowledge from a book. This is direct. It relates to the feeling body and the more it is trusted in the more it turns on. It is just running! I know even what to say to people to uplift. It isn’t really from me. It just drops in. Like making art or writing poetry.

I know vibrancy as in health. I have known on several occasions when someone will pull out from a coma. I know things like if someone is being underhanded with me. I can tell honesty. I know when someone else has the same type of knowing and feeling as I do. This is useful because when I teach Pranashakthi I want to teach people who have a skill set. I attract these people naturally. I know who has the gift.

As part of my medical intuition I know what type of pain a person is in, the density and other subtle things but I get information just by speaking to a person that I could not have received except by direct transmission. I know what technique within the main umbrella of healing that will be effective.

I am interested to hear how knowing operates in your life? Do you just know when to change lanes or to stop at a light because someone is going to run it? Do you bring the right item to a potluck in both the right amount and the right item? Do you know where the parking spots are? Tune in and consider this. It is a sensing we all have!

Photo by Andrii Skaliuk


I gave myself a step away from electronics to be present with my family visiting from Oregon and Northern California. My oldest sister invites us all each year and although I have missed a few I am so grateful for the kindness she extends each year. Everyone including my mother, all of of my siblings and nieces/ nephews were here.

It was lovely to reconnect with everyone as often I am in India at this time!

Being off internet was precious! The silence at night of no cars. Sometimes I stay up late just to have that peace in San Francisco. Bit it never really gets quiet.

Communication after Transition

My father had written us, his daughters, a letter to be shared with us when he passed to spirit. The purpose was to recount his life in case we had questions. My mother brought this for us to read this weekend. He has been gone for years so it was nice to receive this.

I knew his life was not easy. He came from poverty living without running water and electricity for part of his childhood. His parents did not have the full capacity to care for him, working hard and drinking, so he largely raised himself. Experiencing suffering of poverty, he and his siblings fended for themselves and experienced neglect, he had a sensitive heart. At one point he even lived in a chicken coop.

I am touched that he shared his vulnerable history. That he had concern for us because he had questions for his own parents when they passed. I was glad that this letter was not given to me when the transition was recent. Although I believe in reincarnation losing a parent is not easy. It was much easier to read this a few years out.

What I received from this is an understanding of my life and experiences I had. I feel for the young boy who was my father and my uncle who is still living. It also illuminates the hard work of my own mother. Times these days in some ways are more progressive and luxurious and in others much more complicated (constant stimulation of the brain and overused or electronics).

I was not aware this set of writings existed, though my father was a prolific writer and I know he kept journals.

I am grateful! I knew many of these stories but to read it all in one sitting was like talking to him again.

I am grateful!

The Universe Provides

I have two feral cats that live near me. They always know when to come spend time with me. They used to be so shy now they let me approach them. It’s a love bond! ✨🧡✨

Pranashakthi Light Therapy

Pranashakthi is such a versatile system of healing. Last year in India I started working with light therapy in connection to this modality. When combined it amplifies the light. The cartridges are of liquid and water is a conductor so the energy flows very nicely! There are also crystals and flower essences within. It is really clearing!

Different colors emit a different vibration. They each feel differently. I will post some still photos to demonstrate what I mean. I am so grateful for Pranashakthi!