The Art of Writing

Writing is art. It is a soul being born, the unique words flow into being. The sentences choose themselves, a gift falling in from the mind and either. Instead of paint, the medium is connection, observation, feeling, reflection and presence.

This form of expression is both a mystical and alchemical process. Besides an objective key to spirit, it is a way of sharing viewpoints, love, beauty, hope, inspiration, vibration, healing and concepts. For me writing can also be a way for me to step outside of myself to see my process with objective fresh eyes. I is like editing a book for someone else as opposed to trying to edit your own book after working on it for hours. It serves as a step back.

I believe it is partially through writing that I learned that quality of stepping back mentally from situations in my life to see the whole wide picture, motives, truth and it has in part honed my ability to read situations. It is like Quora only the questions are answered by yourself. Some sadhus do this by observing silence. Writing, if you think about it, is a way of being deeply present with self to allow what has been listened to to manifest. I am grateful that as I grew I always kept journals to sort through my experiences. The cumulative practice pays off so I can now edit others writings as well as hone my own.

Meditation enhances the ability to receive inspiration and clarity because it is like soil for seeds. The birth of the pen to paper comes in at first through silence. I used to work in a darkroom for many hours. I would be in the dark in order to process up to forty rolls of film. I would play music and just feel the rolls of film as I placed them onto the cartridges. It was such a tactile presence. The deep focus opened my mind and poetry would come through. As I then developed the film it gave me more time. I would write in the dark. Once the process began it would continue outside of the darkroom.

With the distractions of the day and responsibilities it is now harder to carve out time to just be. This is one of my practices. It brings me joy to open my heart creatively.