Planetary Squeeze

Do you feel the churning pressure of this massive energy flow. The planetary weather has a not so subtle agenda to push us from our illusionary nests of Maya (ignorance) into our true nature and vocation within the heart of purity!

From bliss to frustration and back refines the soul. It is not easy to be upside down in this wave of forgotten mastery without knowing what end is up. The spinning sands block the sun creating confusion and urgency for our spirits. My lungs are somehow powerful enough to drift in this silent but active space. To return to Center wiser is the real point. Avoidance of mis creation in thoughts, words and reactions and deeds can be the ultimate test.

It is surreal time from a feeling perspective I cannot deny the density. Within this purification super spin the snakes of fear and emotion are spitting out poison from us all and mirroring out. This Maha purge of foolery is by design.

Every sorrow or mistake in action based on old patterns are being amplified to comic and cosmic proportions. The Sadika of my soul has left the cave in frustration to have a full blown temper tantrum of a child. I’m hoping this transitory mood doesn’t go viral either physically or energetically. But all joking aside there are times I just want to cry at taking so long to learn this or that lesson. That and 8 hours of electronics repairs.

Why such drastic density? What is the purpose of this vice grip and shakedown? Must everyone school me, the sudden amateur, in how to handle that which spews out to purify me. Yes I do ask for that mirror because I am far from perfect. And because that in itself is perfection!

What is underneath this is pure gold beyond this faux reality. Eyes that see the shine of the leaves. Is this what they mean by dark night of the soul? Deep purification? I used to roll my eyes with this topic until now. Always there is emphasis here is light and supreme clarity. With bright light there is also shadow.

I am grateful that I know without looking that there is something brewing in the in the stars and skies. Be gentle and be kind. I am grateful! I am love! I am in surrender. I honor each process I participate in. Namaste!