Shooting Star

Last night I pulled in after a long day of commuting for the sake of Pranashakthi. I had also been looking for an open copy store since I had a commitment during the day with my guru. I am having a healing celebration on healing event next weekend on the 28th. Nothing was opened so I drove to Gillroy 12 miles, just as the doors were being locked.

The drive home was arduous as I was sleepy but I played and sang chants mostly to Krishna. This warmed my heart because I associate India with this time of year! There were many lights up in the South Bay so I was given uninterrupted time with myself to just be!

I was listening to the final song sung for Divine Mother as I arrived in San Francisco so exhausted! I was recording a lovely Bansuri Flute section for a friend who loves chanting and flute. I was sitting in my car looking up the hill. A bright and long shooting star fell right in front of me at eye level. This synchronicity lets me know I’m on the right path and affirms my gratitude for all such occurrences.

I cannot help people if they do not know that I hold gifts of healing within me. I can only shine my light. Word of mouth is amazing and it really is all there is, but I can no longer avoid my calling. I intend that I meet those who are ready or resonate with the work I do.

My event is Saturday Dec. 28th at Yoga Society San Francisco. I hope to see you!