Technology and Spirituality

My issues with technology surpass the average persons’. In part, because I am a healer, my energy throws off GPS, streetlights, watches etc. creating a glitch. There is a word for this. It is called being a “slider”.

Recently my internet and phone crashed simultaneously. I wrote this blog at that time and it do not upload. I have heard predictions that at some point there may be some solar flares or something that kicks off electronics. I am not about catastrophe or even predictions but it made me think.

Let’s imagine all electronic devices completely died simultaneously. Even if it was only phones or internet. Here’s what we would not have at our fingertips. No gps, no email and no phone, no cloud, no instant access to recipes and no social media no contacts. We would not have Whats App making it possible to see or speak to loved ones anywhere or the world. So many conveniences operate on electricity and internet. For some people their stoves would not work. Medical devices, and more. So many things.

The internet makes everything instantly available. The advancement has positives in that inspiration via music, visuals or words can easily be transmitted. The world becomes smaller. It also becomes more energetically busy.

The one thing I did notice in this “living experiment” was my dependency on a device for anything from directions to keeping current with my business. Without a phone, this I was literally writing down directions. In the South Bay I am less familiar with the area and my night vision is not as sharp. I have embodied this luxury of GPS so I don’t worry about the exacts and save the drive space of my brain for other things.

Having internet in case someone needs healing is something I use all of the time. Although I do not need to have internet to heal remotely, a video call enhances the person’s experience and there is further information I receive by seeing.

Our device handles so much we don’t have to. We don’t have to memorize numbers, remember to pay bills by their due date many things are simply automated.

Automation frees our minds but it also amplifies what can be emoted through our field as in massive amounts of emails, and other types of media. Our minds can loose focus. This overstimulation can create an a feeling of pressure within the environment especially at this time of year.

Meditation is more important than ever. It is unclear the long term effects ot the pace of technology or how it reflects in the world. Besides the faster pace there are so many benefits. A charity can collect funds instantly, a sangha can’t stay connected, I can if I can talk her into it learn Hindustani Classical from Kankana Banerjee right now if she is free. The entire world can know in the blink of an eye that Ram Dass has passed to spirit which brings together so many hearts into a space of unity, gratitude and reflection on his contributions.

This access is a tool for growth or greater reach. One persons can use it to plan a trip to climb Mount Everest. It can be used to research a form of advancement in cleaning the environment. I can donate and within several hours time up to 300 hungry people can be fed directly. I myself use internet to send out Pranashakthi Healing anywhere in the world. I was able to send to Seattle and assist someone out of a coma but that was done without internet.

Remote healing doesn’t require internet but it is helpful to receive a message. It is also supportive for the person who receives to see it occurring because the connection is love and that provides a great deal of strength. As well as the importance of connecting.

My point in writing this was that by losing my data and my connection for some time, it enabled me to see and have space to contemplate more on the topic. Usually if a phone dies it is simply replaceable and no issue so that window of space is not there.

My issue was a larger and more complicated one so this blog is the silver lining. Since it is the holiday season I have decided to have an event at Yoga Society San Francisco. The ashram has a place to have Agni Hotra. In the spirit of bringing back in the grounding I am leading a ceremony for the New Year a few days early to avoid the crowds and to land it on a weekend. To lighten the pace and bring back serenity is my intension.

I will utilize the fire element’ mantra, Pranahakthi and meditation to set the space. If my students are in town we can together create an even stronger field of healing vibrations. Anyone who wants to learn the intro Pranashakthi I can provide Diksha and explain how to use the energy healing. All are welcome.

I will offer individual blessings and healing and we can use the fire (Agni) and the peaceful space resulting from mantra and healing to ignite our highest version of self. The gathering will end in Kirtan.

photo credit black and whites – Jeffery Carrillo! Color – me πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ™