Pranashakthi Rudruksha Healing Bliss

I am trained to do a deep healing with Rudruksha malas. The purpose is an overall regenerate session. First is to prepare the body to receive, them to clear any negative energies and finally to add nectar. These loving sessions utilizes the energies of Shiva.

Tonight I had a session and in the last aspect my body was burning up on fire with the energies coming through. The receiver however felt cool.

No healing is ever the same as each person is unique, like a river flows so does a being. Even the same person is never the same twice. Similarly the practitioner will also have different energy.

Right now I am feeling such a deep sense of peace and and can feel every cell and molecule of self. There are waves and waves of warmth as in love flowing. My third eye, crown chakra and throat and heart feel deep pulsations of loving pranic energy. The waves of contentment continue!

It is time for a deep sleep now.

I don’t talk about offering this type of healing often but I should because It is really a treat to receive even as the giver.