Do you know what it is to know? It is a form of sensing where through the body, tuning to how it feels and sitting with self, answers come.

This is something that has always been developed in me. In fact I did not realize that this was something not everyone could tap into. I can step back energetically as if zooming out and see whole pictures of situations. I know who I should introduce to each other as in friends because I feel vibratory rates. I know truth when I see it and the opposite of that. I know what resonates!

When I say know I don’t mean like knowledge from a book. This is direct. It relates to the feeling body and the more it is trusted in the more it turns on. It is just running! I know even what to say to people to uplift. It isn’t really from me. It just drops in. Like making art or writing poetry.

I know vibrancy as in health. I have known on several occasions when someone will pull out from a coma. I know things like if someone is being underhanded with me. I can tell honesty. I know when someone else has the same type of knowing and feeling as I do. This is useful because when I teach Pranashakthi I want to teach people who have a skill set. I attract these people naturally. I know who has the gift.

As part of my medical intuition I know what type of pain a person is in, the density and other subtle things but I get information just by speaking to a person that I could not have received except by direct transmission. I know what technique within the main umbrella of healing that will be effective.

I am interested to hear how knowing operates in your life? Do you just know when to change lanes or to stop at a light because someone is going to run it? Do you bring the right item to a potluck in both the right amount and the right item? Do you know where the parking spots are? Tune in and consider this. It is a sensing we all have!

Photo by Andrii Skaliuk