Ashram • Shelter

In 2004 I was seeking solace within this City it was a time of rapid shifts and deep inner work! Word of mouth from a friend at my ceramic studio brought me to an Iyengar yoga class a block from my house in a community center called Goat Hall. Tony, the teacher was my friend’s roommate. A woman from the class became my friend. Aurora’s parents used to frequent the Yoga Society in the Mission so she had been going for years. She invited me to go to yoga.

My first teacher was Hariharananda. He looked like a yogi from the Himalayas. He would chant an invocation to begin, followed by three hours of hatha and end in Yoga Nidra (a guided meditation intended to embody self, deeply relax, and be present with true self. It is a form of awakened sleep that is restorative). Hari became my primary teacher.

I practiced with Hari several times a week. I also met Jerome who played harmonium. I cried when I first heard it. He taught Jivamukti and incorporated music in his class.

Why I reiterate this story of finding the ashram is because it demonstrates how grace and blessings come about.

Hari had known Brahmananda Sarasvati, the founder of Yoga Society. Ramamurti Mishra was his given name before he met his guru Bodhisattva Baba Bhagavan Das. Brahamananda was an incredible being. He started the daily Agni Hotras in the Mission. Besides being a Guru he was a neurosurgeon, a healer, worked with sound vibration, Sanskrit and he wrote many spiritual books about cosmic consciousness and many spiritual topics such as mysticism. Though he has left the body his teachings live on through his ethereal presence, his books and recordings. Ram Gopal has a weekly satsang on Wednesday where he plays recordings of his teachings.

I began slowly learning about Sanskrit from this influence and met Dr. Sharma a renowned Sanskrit scholar. His wife Annapurna is a living saint and we became close right away.

The sister ashram in New York founded by Brahamananda has a connection to this ashram. I was in love with Kirtan at this point. Kamaniya and Keshavacharia who had lived at Ananda the Monroe ashram came time give a concert when they were through town. We became friends and they recommended Bhaktifest a festival in Joshua Tree. It was a brand new festival for yoga and Kirtan. I went!

This was just what I needed. I met beautiful beings I still know today and was inspired to buy a harmonium. So many things happened at this juncture I cannot remember the exact order. I met Kankana Banerjee my musical Guruma. She is a master of Hindustani Classical. I then took Jai Uttal’s Kirtan Camp.

A year later in 2012 I met Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar my healing guru. He showed up at the ashram when I asked for a strong form or healing to help my father. This was not announced but I got guidance to be there. Learning healing and teaching followed. This changed my life.

I was offered Kirtan satsang in 2013. Shortly thereafter I met my band mates.

So the plan is an unfolding. Grace comes but it is a surprise who shows up. This year I have been blessed with so many new friends from the Seva with Shivananda and other means. The ashram continues to bring through beautiful people to me. All that I have received from the ashram has enabled me to be in a place of meeting higher vibrational people. I grateful!

Gifts are always showing up for us even if it seems like the world is upside down. It’s a matter of staying on track with self, chanting and leaving the heart open!

Soul ~ Consciousness

Feel to know. Know to feel.

Soft glowing heart.

Inside, the free me knocks

Golden royal expansion radiates

Rays, warm my cheeks

Beyond the mind

To the future -going up – DING


Flames Flames Flames

Content knowing 🧡 comfort

Earth 🌍

Grounded earth and soil vibrations

Deep blue etheric waves

Can always be trusted

That one knows me

She calls me to song and freedom

Unraveling my truth

I am everywhere and nowhere

I am someone and no one

I am light

Space Face Place Song Bells

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa

India calls


C. Whitney


I am learning Hindi and Italian simultaneously. I am making ceramic art. Also I am blogging regularly and learning new mantras. I am helping people with healing and teaching also.

My mind is changing from learning languages. Daily writing is also sharpening and singing as well. Those aspects of self. Today the blog is short!

Literally tired.

Pranashakthi Class

Today I realized why India was postponed. Many synchronicities surrounded this class. Two members texted me out of the blue on the same day asking about learning from me. I had just decided it would be a good time for a class.

I signed up for the Holistic Health Saloon I usually attend as a healer but was late in doing so because of finding out about a change in my plans for my trip which I had postponed. When I attended I had a nice connection with two talented women who ended up joining us. One was guided to realize her own gifts the day previous. When I read her energy it matched the guidance she received. My other friend had their trip postponed and also decided to join.

What a beautiful group of beings, of natural healers. It feels good to be able to bring this information through to more people. It has helped so many. Everyday I use this modality.

It seems as if the Universe was conspiring on behalf of us all for the connection.

I am grateful for Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar for imparting this invaluable knowledge to me.

Clairsentience and Claircognizance

Clairscentience is a form of intuition that utilizes feeling. Clair means clear, and sentience is to feel. It usually goes hand in hand with claircognizance, or clear knowing. I have both.

The beauty of this pairing of intuitional aspects is that it is that it accurate way to sense truth, love, and also to know when something is not right as well. The knowing aspect brings in more information. For example once I was running late for a wedding. All the way to the temple I was guided which lane to go into and I arrived 15 minutes early.

I am a medical intuitive for me to finely feel is a invaluable because it enables me to feel others subtle emotions, their vitality as well as stronger energetic aspects like inflammation, tumors, nerve pain. I can literally feel the energies but without taking on pain. Sometimes in the case of very deep depression I can feel that as if it were me. I have learned how to differentiate and not over identify. Through knowing am specifically guided in how to assist.

Sometimes I am guided to go somewhere and then I find someone I know or don’t know in a situation that requires my help. Once it was in a cab, another time in an elevator. Once I saw a flower on the sidewalk and my knowing instructed me to pick it up. As I boarded the underground I was again guided to give the flower to a young man. Despite that being strange as I was much older and a complete stranger. The man burst into tears of gratitude as he had been beaten up on the train several days prior. He did not want to ride the train but got up his courage so the flower I gave was the compassion and love he needed and was the guidance to him that all would be fine!

Often people who have this gift do not understand because they just assume that we are all wired the same which we are not.

Through Pranashakthi which is the modality I use I am able to operate the fine information in a precise way. I am grateful for my guru Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar who was guided to me when I requested to the universe for something stronger than Reiki. I have learned so much and have embodied the wisdom.

Here are some of the ways I use this sensitivity.

  1. I can tell if someone is upset before an issue arrises
  2. I assist people remotely during surgeries to keep them calm and keep inflammation in check
  3. When I want to go to a lecture and I cannot decide which will be the best I hold my hand over the photo of both people and can sense their vibration
  4. I know a persons attributes upfront when I meet them
  5. I use this with every type of healing I do both remote and in person
  6. I can feel the vibrations of when a person has taken a photo of a sacred site or simply of high vibrations.

If you feel you have this gift the best way to develop it is to acknowledge and honor the truth of what you receive. At first the faith may not be there but the more you listen to what you feel and know the more accurate you become.

Holistic Health Saloon and Classes • San Francisco

The short blog today is to say that on this Saturday I am providing Pranahakthi healing sessions at The Center SF on Fillmore all day as a part of the Holistic Health Saloon. On Sunday I will be teaching Pranashakthi both Level One and Two at a private home. You’ll need to sign up separately if interested in each class. It leaves opportunity gain this knowledge quickly.

If you have been wanting to learn how to heal yourself or others remotely or in person Pranashakthi is a sacred and powerful infinite dimensional modality that acts rapidly. If you are wondering what it is like you can come first to the fair and see what you think.

The opportunity exists to to learn both classes. That is what I did. My father was dying and I called in assistance from the universe.

I am going to link to an older blog I wrote about how to decide if you would be a great healer. See if this resonates.

I will include my mantra here as well.

Bindi of Vrindavan-Her Progress

Last year I was in Vrindavan and I helped this dog with healing. I named her Bindi because she had a dot of mud between her eyes in a perfect circle. She had been hit by a car and could barely walk or eat and definitely not in a straight line. It was a nerve issue and she had strong tremors. I did lots of healing on her.

My friend is staying there now and just sent me this photo. She said no more walking problems. Her body is still impacted by last years starvation. Street dogs have a difficult life.

When I had to leave I was so sad and wanted to see her and she appeared. Not only that I also within that window of deep concern attracted in someone who was know for rescuing animals and agreed to feed her for me.

My friend thinks the healing I did helped.

“Hi Carol, this was the dog you were rescuing last year. He is much better and walks very easily now. You must have healed him… thinking of you, ” Shanto

She was almost not alive when I met her. Nerve damage to that level does not normally resolve.



Creativity • Flow

Creativity is an innate muscle. Last night our electronic band The Price of Dill played a set for the Resident Open Mic at the Laundry Cafe. We’ve known each other’s style from the many years, practicing both acoustically and electronically.

I sat within gratitude after our set and contemplated why I love to play music and what are some elements of that system called band that work? What I found is applicable to all humanity. It is a riff off of a conversation I had with a friend earlier in the day having to do with how to honor each other.

Music creation is art, it is light and it is is Guru (teacher who brings light to darkness).

From a flow and structure balance, a feeling and vibrational environment opens within and out to. It is expansive to be within such an fine state if etheric flight.

Trust, courage and respect grows when you feel the safety and support within a collaboration. To surrender to the whole is a joyful process. Each person brings their element which creates the greater good. Each soul chooses their own resonance to share which magnifies self, brightens others and the space as well.

Just like those qualities or aspect it takes to create a song, so does each person bring forth their unique light of the whole. As cooperation builds in a way that is open to the flow, to suggestion, to adaptability, to humility, to peace, to honoring, to balance, to harmony, to creative evolution, to solutions-so thereby a better world becomes reality.

When humanity moves into this place of allness alignment the self is not lost. It is instead reveered and free to shine. The heart can open.

I am grateful to my band because we are three equal parts. We each speak our minds directly if we don’t like a direction. Not everything done creates a song. We root for each other. Happiness is when one of us lands a complicated melody or we help each other learn to be better. It is about the process and about collective freedom. Through creation of music there is a prerequisite called listening, truth and also ability to flow with changes, be in tempo, to have awareness of pace with each other. We have different levels of structure, different cultural backgrounds, age, but we don’t judge, we value peace, we value each other. There is fulfillment in the process.

To have a band is to learn the alchemy of a successful life. May you be blessed with whatever meaning or message you received by reading this. My finite mind has received this and I offer the message as a gift to you! May you be blessed and may you bless!

11:11 Grace Offered From Myself Was

My dear friend called to wish me happy birthday. We had an an inspiring conversation regarding unity, self-value and living from the heart. That and animal rescue. We have some matching gifts as well as correlating moral code and lessons we have lived. Each aspect of hardship experiences finely honed our realities, our sensitivities as well as to strengthened our spirits.

Our friendship occurred because she had a toothache at a writers’ conference we both attended and I am a healer is interestingly part of the message. She was able to complete the convention as a result and we have been friends ever since.

The history we share is also a deep reflection. I am weirdly currently reading a book I purchased at that conference on embracing change and stepping into true soul self. This follows in the heals of meeting a new friend who inspired me to blog again and to step into my power.

I will post this message for whoever needs to hear it can. I do not have a child. This was a letter I wrote to a client when she was kind enough to send a card to my boss for Father’s Day. I suggested to write her back and offered to draft the letter of which he was overjoyed to send as they were his sentiments delivered in an impactful way. What is the grace is this letter was written in 2014. I did not open the letter but it magically appeared on my desktop somehow. I did not even remember writing it until I reread it and know it is in my voice and I passion for Buckminster Fuller is definitely from me.

We have a dome my family built which is when I learned of Buckminster Fuller! If you do not know about him read up on him. A fascinating innovative force of social and spiritual inspiration!

This all ties into a message that I am to write. I daily ask for guidance and clarity on my purpose and these are the magical ways it occurs.

I have left out names because I do not want to take away anyone’s privacy. This is following a loss due to parental conflict and resulting alienation of the child.

Dear …..

I guess the best gift you can give yourself is to accept these facts however unpleasant and find ways to feed your soul, to have fun and be creative. Each of us have special gifts to bring forth and though you were not able to share these things with own your child, Carol tells me you were able to enrich a young girl’s life who is not related to you.

Here is a quote for you:

“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all you your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all of the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.”

Buckminster Fuller; Architect Engineer, and Inventor

Buckminster Fuller used to say “call me trim tab”. A trim tab is a small tab at the bottom of a giant ship that enables it to be able to turn. A small part with a big impact. If the trim tab is not there the ship cannot turn.

The timing and the grace infused into this letter caused me to cry in a spiritual way. My mind is blown yet again. I hope that this inspires someone. I have realized my ability to use words to inspire upon reading a letter I myself drafted.

I am a healer and it is so a part of me that sometimes I don’t see it. I didn’t know until 10 years ago that feeling and knowing were not something everyone experienced. What I deeply know is that we are all a piece of the puzzle and we need to uplift, and appreciate each other and our uniqueness!

Have a blessed day!

Please comment if this moved you! Not for recognition of myself but rather for the curiosity of the message coming through so magically!

Birthday Thoughts

Last year at this time I was in India in Vrindavan. I was living with a friend in a temple and I could do fire on the roof daily. The pundit would practice Sargam every morning, there were bells on either side and once and awhile I’d chant by borrowing the temple harmonium. Something we both knew was Hanuman Chalisa so it was a go to.

There was also young man, a monk who lived there. He was very curious about me. He was headed on a long journey and wanted me to bless him. I told him he was already blessed. I did some simple clearing of his energy and gave him a blessing because I know how, and also because he asked. It was sweet that he saw my devotion. I also feel he missed his own mother.

That time was so serene! The light was magic and my heart wide open. Everyday I bought my groceries from Radha. Sometimes the monkeys would grab a squash before I could get put it away well. The mama and babies would have a feast on the fence. Sadhana was optimal there. I did many exit prayers for my friend Matura Seva who passed and fed many poor people through food for life. I met the owner and we had lovely times!

I will be back to India in February and am looking forward to the peace that I feel. This year is Arunachala. I am practicing my Hindi as well as Sanskrit even though I will be in the South.

I am grateful for last year and the amazing opportunities that presented themselves. I was able to see Amma so many times because I was at the Ashram in India. I met so many amazing people and had many opportunities to sing and be of service. I met Shivananda and his whole Seva team. My guru came through recently. This blog is the result of support I am receiving from a friend of my guru’s.

I will post my daily mantra on Instagram because my uploading feature for video is not working at the moment.