Birthday Thoughts

Last year at this time I was in India in Vrindavan. I was living with a friend in a temple and I could do fire on the roof daily. The pundit would practice Sargam every morning, there were bells on either side and once and awhile I’d chant by borrowing the temple harmonium. Something we both knew was Hanuman Chalisa so it was a go to.

There was also young man, a monk who lived there. He was very curious about me. He was headed on a long journey and wanted me to bless him. I told him he was already blessed. I did some simple clearing of his energy and gave him a blessing because I know how, and also because he asked. It was sweet that he saw my devotion. I also feel he missed his own mother.

That time was so serene! The light was magic and my heart wide open. Everyday I bought my groceries from Radha. Sometimes the monkeys would grab a squash before I could get put it away well. The mama and babies would have a feast on the fence. Sadhana was optimal there. I did many exit prayers for my friend Matura Seva who passed and fed many poor people through food for life. I met the owner and we had lovely times!

I will be back to India in February and am looking forward to the peace that I feel. This year is Arunachala. I am practicing my Hindi as well as Sanskrit even though I will be in the South.

I am grateful for last year and the amazing opportunities that presented themselves. I was able to see Amma so many times because I was at the Ashram in India. I met so many amazing people and had many opportunities to sing and be of service. I met Shivananda and his whole Seva team. My guru came through recently. This blog is the result of support I am receiving from a friend of my guru’s.

I will post my daily mantra on Instagram because my uploading feature for video is not working at the moment.