Rescripting the Lila, the Birthday Challenge

An old blog written in 2015 popped up on my screen yesterday. I realized its impact by rereading as an observer so many years later.

I emote healing through my words, music, through Pranashakthi and when teaching healing. My heart is now inspired to break out of my comfort zone and share more of what is within me. So much has been learned and reaches fewer than my heart insists upon. When I receive support I am shown the value of sharing.

I was preparing for a lecture with Vinayak Sathe on consciousness and inspiration planned for Sunday, November 17th at 4 pm at Yoga Society San Francisco. The topic and catalyst for this blog arose out of the brainstorming conversation. I decided to write daily for upliftment to include photos and mantra. Life is precious I will share myself! It is time! My birthday starts tomorrow so a gift of myself through words, images and mantra.