Pranashakthi Class

Today I realized why India was postponed. Many synchronicities surrounded this class. Two members texted me out of the blue on the same day asking about learning from me. I had just decided it would be a good time for a class.

I signed up for the Holistic Health Saloon I usually attend as a healer but was late in doing so because of finding out about a change in my plans for my trip which I had postponed. When I attended I had a nice connection with two talented women who ended up joining us. One was guided to realize her own gifts the day previous. When I read her energy it matched the guidance she received. My other friend had their trip postponed and also decided to join.

What a beautiful group of beings, of natural healers. It feels good to be able to bring this information through to more people. It has helped so many. Everyday I use this modality.

It seems as if the Universe was conspiring on behalf of us all for the connection.

I am grateful for Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar for imparting this invaluable knowledge to me.