Insights on Healing, a Pranashakthi Perspective

As a master teacher/healer of a form of infinite dimensional energy healing called Pranashakthi, I regularly consider qualities of exceptional healers. This questioning arises from curiosity, and to recognize subtle truths to improve myself. I also want to instill understanding within my students and to open peoples’ eyes to what is possible with energy.

Because my gifts eluded me until recently,  I want to help others see that anyone can heal and that solutions beyond western medicine exist. It was not until my father was diagnosed with metastasized cancer in his bones that I began to understand how much can be shifted with energy or that I could channel this.  It was so natural when I started, I knew it was my life purpose to heal and to show others how. The Universe provides, I met my guru Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar at this time. Pranashakthi is like no other healing  I have experienced.

Here is what I have learned about healing that opens up flow:

  • First of all, faith that anything is possible with Divine guidance is my base belief. Expectations on outcomes is what creates limitations. I once helped a woman with a shoulder issue. She had imaging taken of the problem of which she needed a surgery to resolve. I sent her a few minutes of healing in person when I ran into her at a concert prior to the date of her undergoing the knife. What the surgeon said after he saw inside of her was that he had never seen a tendon repair itself like that before. The doctor’s belief was that tendon’s cannot self-repair. This shows what I mean by the belief system. It did not in this case limit the healing, but this can be the case.

First of all, faith that anything is possible with Divine guidance is my base belief. Expectations on outcomes is what creates limitations.

  • Many people believe that big problems take time. This is not necessarily so. The mind has resistance to the idea of dramatic change. I noticed Animals heal faster than humans. This is because do not have they are in the moment and do not have limiting inner dialect. I always ask that anyone I help to suspend belief and minimally see their condition in a non-attached neutral way. Preferably if a person can visualize themselves in complete wellness then they are assisting their wellness in a great way.
  • Great possibilities exist with infinite energy.  I had a client who was told her retinas were bleeding in both eyes and she risked going blind. I sent her four half hour remote phone sessions. She was in Texas and I was in California. The bleeding completely stopped and both eyes healed. According to her doctors, this type of issue is normally always associated with high blood pressure and diabetes. She was tested for these issues after one of the healing sessions and was negative for both.  It could be that she had a rare case where the issues were not paired as usual or it could be that these problems also healed. I do not know. Nevertheless she did not have to have the scheduled surgery. The woman was open to, and fully believed in this process.

If someone has interest to help humanity, some traits to adopt are:

A Perspective of Service Mentality
Unconditional Love
Respect to Self and Others
Deep Gratitude
Positive Thinking
Joyful moods
Sensitivity to Others

  • Try to picture a saint such as Amma, and be in that type of space of unconditional love, presence and peace. One must be level with all and be without judgement. Humility is to realize that healing is gifted from the connection to and respect for the Divine. The body is important as it is the means by which a person connects to those they can help and the body is what moves the Divine energy to the physical. Meditation is a helpful to learn how to be in that quiet type of peace and openness that allows for that flow of light. I don’t see light and energy, I feel it. So keep in mind we all have our own unique ways of connecting. I am just noting some areas that help me and how it works from my own perspective.
  • Joy, positive thinking, openness, trust and sensitivity to others raises vibration that is conducive to tuning into the energy needed for healing to occur. To foster inner and outer kindness is essential for trust to be established. Openness must reside in the receiver. One must not over-give or to take away another’s power by having pity, by buying into harmful victim roles a person might adopt, or taking on the issues of others. A person receiving healing must participate because without it, instilling wellness shifts do not hold as well.

Joy, positive thinking, openness, trust and sensitivity to others raises vibration that is conducive to tuning into the energy needed for healing to occur.

  • I believe in inspiring others to be their strongest and best in an uplifting way. Educating regarding how thoughts and beliefs can create reality is one point I have noticed to be helpful. For example gently pointing out when someone is using limiting language  such as all or nothing thinking such as”There are no jobs available to me” or “I am not a singer” or using judgment which is a form of resistance.
  • A viewpoint of neutrality or non-judgment on the part of the healer allows for the receiving  party to feel trust and let go of control. It takes awareness to understand how to read what needs to shift energetically. This comes from a healers own life experience as well as feeling. Compassion and empathy are two ways to see. I have medical intuitiveness which is not easy to describe in words because it is knowingness, a seeing without eyes and mostly feeling based. There are many people in this world that have been traumatized in many ways sometimes beyond comprehension. The finite mind cannot resolve these things but this mind can surrender and connect to that which has infinite capacity so that the process does not have to be arduous. Some depends on the readiness and how deep the mind has imprinted the past difficulties.

What is important to me is to relieve suffering for humanity.

Energy medicine is key to this as it works on all levels. It clears up issues before they become physical and can resolve many things in which western medicine cannot.

If you wish to know more about healing or are interested in learning from me you can contact me.


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