Communication after Transition

My father had written us, his daughters, a letter to be shared with us when he passed to spirit. The purpose was to recount his life in case we had questions. My mother brought this for us to read this weekend. He has been gone for years so it was nice to receive this.

I knew his life was not easy. He came from poverty living without running water and electricity for part of his childhood. His parents did not have the full capacity to care for him, working hard and drinking, so he largely raised himself. Experiencing suffering of poverty, he and his siblings fended for themselves and experienced neglect, he had a sensitive heart. At one point he even lived in a chicken coop.

I am touched that he shared his vulnerable history. That he had concern for us because he had questions for his own parents when they passed. I was glad that this letter was not given to me when the transition was recent. Although I believe in reincarnation losing a parent is not easy. It was much easier to read this a few years out.

What I received from this is an understanding of my life and experiences I had. I feel for the young boy who was my father and my uncle who is still living. It also illuminates the hard work of my own mother. Times these days in some ways are more progressive and luxurious and in others much more complicated (constant stimulation of the brain and overused or electronics).

I was not aware this set of writings existed, though my father was a prolific writer and I know he kept journals.

I am grateful! I knew many of these stories but to read it all in one sitting was like talking to him again.

I am grateful!