Precious Life

I was thinking about my friend Matura Seva and his unexpected passing while watching the sun set in Mumbai last night. It was an auspicious full moon so we each offered Mantras, I sent healing to a list of those who needed it and we slept in its beautiful glow on the building roof.

Matura’s life demonstrates what I already know and practice myself which is how one person can light up so many. He did so with with joy, Gyana and Bhakti. We all have that capacity to positively be of service to others, to have courage to fully unfold our authentic selves. Each person has special gifts to offer. Kindness and openness is so important. I have always felt the urgency to make other people’s lives better through my actions and my heart. This trip to India is opening up new levels of self love that increase this capacity. So honored to have known this great soul.

This reflection inspired me to have a deep conversation with a dear friend that I may not have had. So grateful for all that is. Don’t put off what is important because that moment may not exist in the future!