India Second by Second Darshan

Rishikesh opened my heart so wide. The light was so muted. I stayed at a very nice place where I was sincerely nurtured. It rained a few days. The mules would walk by my place. Sometimes their hooves sounded like rain on the roof. A very much needed peaceful and magical stay with an added deep connection with the Ganga. I was very close to Laxman Jhula.

I moved next to Vrindavan and was on-time for Damodara’s Birthday who was just a baby on my last extended stay. Enjoyed the daily Arti. caught up with some old friends and visit with Sadhu Maharaj as well as a trip to the Yamuna. Received an incredible color healing from a new friend. On the way out of town took darshan into the Radhe Maan Sarovar a kund created by Bhakti tears of Gopis when Krishna left Vrindavan. This was truly a highlight.

Took a sleep train from Mathura to Mumbai after a bumpy ride in a Tom Tom but the ride managed to dry my wet cloths.

The next morning in Mumbai stopped at the Ganesha temple on the way to Kankana’s Banerjee’s house. I am staying with my Hindustani teacher.

My intention is to learn as much as possible this time and deeply organize what I have learned from her since 2011. I am rewriting class notes and verifying for clarity any issues I may have had in the writing. I am also learning Devanagari for Sanskrit and doing my daily Sri Vidya meditation. Feeling so peaceful! So lovely to connect with my long time musical Guruma in her home. What a blessing.

It is amazing to have the time to put my energies towards my passions, creativity, healing and music.

This trip I am focusing on these precious moments besides just an opportunity to completely unwind but also to put my efforts to hone my mind, body heart, simply by being my authentic self. Feeling so blessed!