Leaving Vrindavan

We closed down the apartment in Vrindavan this morning and are heading South for the warmer climate and a workshop in Bangalore. Visiting Kanyakumari after the weekend. Always there is a bitter sweetness when departing this special sweetness.

Last night I wished I would see Bindi the female dog I have been feeding many times during my stay when she manifested in front of me. I was worried for her continued wellbeing because although her strength has substantially improved she is still weak and shaking. As I was feeding her another dog who has a head injury appeared. When I looked up a man was standing in front of me and he stated that he looks after the dogs in the area. He promised to care for her. I knew he was authentic in his words because many dogs were trailing him and at ease with his presence. She was not familiar with him and held close to my presence. A touching moment for me.

Earlier in the day I met for lunch with Nikunja from Food For Life who I was blessed to meet. During my stay she showed me the schools, garden and cow sanctuary. They even have a few Blue Antelopes there. We had many nice visits.

Was able to visit with a girl Radha I met in 2014 who is now a mother. I ran into her as I went to take my favorite walk. Her child is named OM and was astrologically chosen.

I went to the Raj Mandir to see Sadhu Maharaj and sat and spoke with him for some time.

Upon completing my visit I went and purchased a brass singing bowl that was hand made. It has a lovely tone and will be useful in leading classes, workshops and healing events when I return. I experimented with sound healing utilizing my voice, healing and the bowl. I will work with this more as this is resonating deeply.

I love you Vrindavan! फिर मिलेंगे