India – September 25, 2022 –

I am just beginning to settle into Badrinath thanks to someone I know here I was able to honor my ancestry during this auspicious time. I was able to create my family tree using sticky notes I packed because my intuition asked me to. I did not plan this part of my trip but was guided to come here to decompress and reactivate my Sadhana.

This all appeared to not be possible despite my own way of manifesting when I have made up my mind. Many roadblocks occurred and people who could help me got Covid or are part of a larger organizations that have bureaucratic aspects. It is always a reminder to trust in Divine and not take the will to force timing. There is also balance in that.

In my case there is a really not so nice situation wherein I have acted in integrity but yet Justice has been slow. I have taken the high road and have tried cooperating to excess but this instead created some major delays and some frustrations as the others have decided to stall. I am remaining vague for the sake of those involved so as to not harm anyone in my process of relaying the many lessons.

Despite all odds of how it appeared I was able to secure a small but important portion of what was owing by jumping through considerable hoops. In this time the plane ticket I needed to purchase doubled. It felt that because I stated I had an important opportunity it caused one person to give me an even harder time. I was pushed to prove line by line what I was owed that had already been provided. I did so and in the process turned up more that was owing so I guess it could be called a wash.

Being in India and out of that environment has helped me to drop back into who I am. There is nowhere in this town that is not nature. When I walk I am greeted by many cows. The grass is very green from all of the rain and the air is fresh, though with less oxygen because of altitude. I feel so charged with the holiness of this special place. People are kind here and I get to practice my Hindi daily by buying groceries from the many market stands. I am grateful for the funds released as it is part of the healing.

I have a much needed reprieve because of the cooperation of someone who could provide me a leave prior to a hearing date being set. I realize how this situation has held me back in the last few years. I am a joyful and open person but this really was difficult. Sometimes someone you believe has your back may not. They can go in a very opposite way than you expect. That in itself has an element of shock to it.

I am grateful for the warrior side of me that appreciates Justice and is willing to stick it out for the sake of being honored and respected. I am quite good at finding truth. I have been helpful to the other side and I thought from the beginning that it would be useful to approach a situation from a place of cooperation. The problem with that is it takes all sides to work towards solutions.

I am letting go of this for now and am in the most magical place on Earth. I have always wanted to come here and this has far exceeded my expectations. It will work itself out how it will.

What I have learned is to follow my Dharma and everything works out. I am meant to be a healer and to teach healing. Whenever I move towards that truth I am always backed up no matter what. I have been healing and teaching since 2011-2012. Gradually I have moved my time to greater and greater percentages of following what I am supposed to be doing. This includes trusting my intuition no matter how crazy it seems. It also includes my art,writing and singing.

Challenges happen in life. It can be because you don’t listen to what your heart tells you. It can occur when you don’t stand up for yourself. It can be because you ignore a red flag. It can be because you put yourself last. It can be because you lie to yourself because it is less painful than seeing reality. It can be something out of your control like the loss of a loved one. The solution to any challenge always involves surrender. It is when the chatter stops, the trying to work it out takes the back seat while trust and intuition moved to the front that solutions occur.

May you find solutions to your challenges and learn from them. I’ll add photos later when I am in range.

Bangalore, Coimbatore and Kanyakumari. Now to see Amma in Kerala.

We have ventured on a self-guided yatra after closing down the apartment in the beautiful temple where we lived in Vrindavan. We cooked all meals on our gas stove. I would purchase veggies daily from Radha, or her son if she was not there. We had an extensive Pranayama Sadana and I did lots of Yajna on the roof in the company of monkeys, squirrels and parrots. I also worked on my Devanagari for Sanskrit and Hindi. I am reading and writing but slowly. Time here was also spent absorbing healing knowledge. Several people needed healing on this leg of the trip. I have friends here so some socializing also happened.

We then moved to attend a workshop with Sadguru on Shambhavi. It was two days at a huge event center in Bangalore with 8000 other people. How he manages to attract that many people is impressive. To chant AUM with that many people was so special. Some of class and workshop was recorded previously and there was some time with Sadguru himself. We were quite far. I am taking on this practice twice a day for 40 days. I already have Shambhavi training from my guru for healing but that training from Pranashakthi Mastership is for healing purposes so I will see how this goes.

Inspired by this event and being very close to his ashram in Coimbatore we decided to venture by train there. The Isha Center is beautiful. I spent two days there. There is a Suraya and Chandra Kund, (women bathe in the Chandra Kund), a Bharavi Temple, the huge Adiyogi bust, as well as a meditation hall with Shiva Lingam. On the last day there I wanted to dip in the Chandra Kund and went right before it closed as we were making offerings in the day to each temple. I was the only woman there! That was an inspiring highlight! The tall roof has a magnificent mural. There is a water fall and a Shiva Lingam in the kund. When I went earlier in the day there were many many women.

The next stop was Kanyakumari the Southern-most tip of India where three seas meet and the sun rises and sets in the same place. We took a train and were fortunate to find a booking on the seaside. The cab from the train whose license plate ended in 3333 (meaning angels are present) found us the place. It was only available for 3 nights so we later moved to an even better location outside of the hustle and bustle near the Viveckananda Kendra which was a shanti campus with exhibits, Ekanathji Ranade the Kendra and Viveckananda Memorial’s founder’s memorial Samadi and a private beach. Ekanath enabled the Viveckananda memorial to be built through his persistence and creativity. There was an exhibit on how he achieved this which was amazing! There was a Bose nursery there I am not sure if he had been at the Kendra during his lifetime but he was the soul who found that plants feel pain. I am inspired to read more about him.

The hotel we stayed at was crazy but because of the city being booked we didn’t have a huge choice. The manager was a drinker and the toilet and sink was not connected to running water with no toilet seat. We had to wait for hours to check in even though we came way after check in time. It was a blessing nevertheless to be able to stay. It isn’t everywhere that you can have ripe mangoes in December.

We bathed in the holy waters, watched sunsets and sunrises, went twice to the Amman temple and had a lovely time! I went to an exhibit on the Ramayanaa and was able to read it all. At the end there is a larger than life murti of Matabharata or “Mother India” this moved me almost to tears it was so magnificent!

Gandhi’s ashes were housed in Kanyakumari and there is a memorial there. The spot where his ashes were held lights with the sun on his birthday each year and water never comes through the hole in he ceiling.

I am resting now in the very air conditioned train headed for Amma’s Ashram for New Years Eve! Looking forward to that! More travels to come.

The Value of Small Acts of Kindness

My heart always finds opportunities to serve. One day when I was walking down the street I noticed beautiful flowers all over sidewalk that had fallen from a nearby tree. My guidance told me to pick up one, so I did.  As I entered the train I was told to give it to a young man of 20 or so. I thought to myself this is a little crazy.  As I did the man burst into tears and said that I restored his faith. He had been beaten on the train by three people days before and had finally decided to face his fear of riding caused by the trauma. I was able to hold space for him to process this and to be an example that he needed at that moment. Trusting what I was being guided to do impacted someones life. This cost me nothing and was so powerful.

Once while in India a group of us witnessed a dog stuck in a sewer. The water level had dropped and she was walking on the trash but unable to get out because the walls were too high. We gathered a large crowd and part of the party went to grab a ladder. A young man seeing the situation and knowing that a human’s weight would not hold to step on the trash leaned his body down into the trough with his strong arms as we held him from the side. He was able to grab the dog without getting bit. The image of the dog after she was released of the stress knowing that she wouldn’t have survied otherwise was an incredible sight. She drank water from the side of a building to rehydrate and peered back at us with peaceful relief. I was literally moved to tears to see this.

Today I was going to ship out a few gifts for birthdays. I had boxes for the shipping under my arm and was approached by a man sitting on the sidewalk who asked if I needed them. I was using them so when finished, I went back to the original source and found him a few others. He was using them to sit on to keep warm. Oh how he lit up in surprised joy when I returned.  Again no cost was involved.

These acts are tangible but smaller acts are equally impactful. For example when our hearts are in peace because we meditate, we keep the environment drama free. When we breathe and slow down we give space to the atmosphere.  By going into nature to and feeling that deep healing we instantly create balance that we can later share with others with our clear presence. To be a producer of harmony is simple. Some ways to do this are to radiate joy, to show up for someone who needs you, to listen without having anything to add, to release judgment and offer neutrality, to participate in solutions, to see the good in others, to avoid complaining and be gratful, to open your heart, to smile, to appreciate others’ gifts, to not reflect back another’s anger or frustration, and to exude joy to name a few.

Using positive language that is inspiring is another way to bring light in. For example, if you see someone speaking badly about their own being you can gently point out the power of words to them and reflect back what you see that is more accurate. Authenticity is important when you give words of encouragement because our minds are always on guard for truth. All beings want love and want to know they matter in some way. By maintaining a supportive presence and using words that uplift, it is possible to build a foundation for greatness. Because I am a healer sometimes I can see needs for assistance. A woman at a writing conference I was attending almost had to leave for home because of a severe tooth pain she was experiencing. I knew the energy work I practice could rid her of her pain and lower her anxiety, I have seen it work so many times. She experienced relief immediately and was able to stay for the rest of the conference.

Observing animals is a way of seeing compassion in action. Animals are highly psychic and are very connected to humans. I heal animals and had been working on a dog that was supposed to only live two weeks but had regained his vitality. When Jackson did pass 6 months later I was experiencing grief at the local corner store.  I had just heard from his owners  he had passed to spirit when suddenly I felt the head of a dog resting on my thigh basically giving me a dog hug. When I looked down at her she was literally smiling lovingly at me. I told the owner that she knew of my loss of a canine friend. He agreed that Roo was tuned in. This beautiful girl had Lupus and I was able to do some work on her with my healing.

The best part about having a generous heart is that It inspires others to shine and the love radiates out. What can you do to brighten someones day just because? Can you do something nice unconditionally without being found out? Give it a try. IMG_5271









Gratitude – The Birth of my First Website


This week has been a flurry of life events like none other to date. I was blessed with the good fortune of working on Deepa who I just met through her husband Mohit who is a student of mine. She was suffering deep pain relating to Sciatica that was unrelenting.  We were talking and in the course of the conversation she told me she could build a website for me purely because she wanted to help me.  I am so grateful for this generous offer. She is truly amazing.

Here are a few of the weeks highlights:

  • First Website up
  • First Blog up
  • Just found out my landlord is trying to kick me out of my studio for an owner move in where I have lived 17 years. I may only have 60 days to vacate.
  • My car died so no car for now.
  • I am flying out to Ananda Ashram the sister ashram of San Francisco Yoga Society I attend regularly.  I leave on Friday to sing Hindustani Classical with my amazing teacher Kankana Banerjee of Mumbai in New York. The performance is for my guru’s guru Baba Bhagavandas Bodhisatva’s birthday, a real honor.
  • I have pitched to give a lecture in New York while I am there. Outcome unknown.
  • I am leaving for India on a musical tour with my teacher Gina Sala in a few months and need to get my Visa and care for many other to dos. I have already bought my ticket.
  • Have life coaching I am working on with Briksha Agarwal.  Feel very blessed by this support.
  • No idea where I will be living.

These life changes are much greater than what normally occur for me.  The momentum generated here this week is recharging my life in ways I could not expect. It is also reminding me to keep my faith, remembering how I am always cared for. When healing I do not set limits to what is possible by trying to predict or box in an outcome with my thinking mind. This only limits what can come through when assisting someone. This week’s lesson for me is to trust and surrender on that level with all areas of my life also while taking necessary actions to move forward.

Thank you Deepa for the beautiful website, I love it!!!! Just in time for my trips. 

Here’s my website .  


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Kirtan -starting with fire ceremony-San Francisco

The evening starts at 7:30 pm with a peaceful devotional fire ceremony. The a set of chants are chanted to bring peace and healing and includes a short silent meditation.

Kirtan follows at 8:00 pm with myself and whoever brings along their voices.  It’s always nice to close out the week with a nice bhakti vibe. Jai Ma.


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