India – September 25, 2022 –

I am just beginning to settle into Badrinath thanks to someone I know here I was able to honor my ancestry during this auspicious time. I was able to create my family tree using sticky notes I packed because my intuition asked me to. I did not plan this part of my trip but was guided to come here to decompress and reactivate my Sadhana.

This all appeared to not be possible despite my own way of manifesting when I have made up my mind. Many roadblocks occurred and people who could help me got Covid or are part of a larger organizations that have bureaucratic aspects. It is always a reminder to trust in Divine and not take the will to force timing. There is also balance in that.

In my case there is a really not so nice situation wherein I have acted in integrity but yet Justice has been slow. I have taken the high road and have tried cooperating to excess but this instead created some major delays and some frustrations as the others have decided to stall. I am remaining vague for the sake of those involved so as to not harm anyone in my process of relaying the many lessons.

Despite all odds of how it appeared I was able to secure a small but important portion of what was owing by jumping through considerable hoops. In this time the plane ticket I needed to purchase doubled. It felt that because I stated I had an important opportunity it caused one person to give me an even harder time. I was pushed to prove line by line what I was owed that had already been provided. I did so and in the process turned up more that was owing so I guess it could be called a wash.

Being in India and out of that environment has helped me to drop back into who I am. There is nowhere in this town that is not nature. When I walk I am greeted by many cows. The grass is very green from all of the rain and the air is fresh, though with less oxygen because of altitude. I feel so charged with the holiness of this special place. People are kind here and I get to practice my Hindi daily by buying groceries from the many market stands. I am grateful for the funds released as it is part of the healing.

I have a much needed reprieve because of the cooperation of someone who could provide me a leave prior to a hearing date being set. I realize how this situation has held me back in the last few years. I am a joyful and open person but this really was difficult. Sometimes someone you believe has your back may not. They can go in a very opposite way than you expect. That in itself has an element of shock to it.

I am grateful for the warrior side of me that appreciates Justice and is willing to stick it out for the sake of being honored and respected. I am quite good at finding truth. I have been helpful to the other side and I thought from the beginning that it would be useful to approach a situation from a place of cooperation. The problem with that is it takes all sides to work towards solutions.

I am letting go of this for now and am in the most magical place on Earth. I have always wanted to come here and this has far exceeded my expectations. It will work itself out how it will.

What I have learned is to follow my Dharma and everything works out. I am meant to be a healer and to teach healing. Whenever I move towards that truth I am always backed up no matter what. I have been healing and teaching since 2011-2012. Gradually I have moved my time to greater and greater percentages of following what I am supposed to be doing. This includes trusting my intuition no matter how crazy it seems. It also includes my art,writing and singing.

Challenges happen in life. It can be because you don’t listen to what your heart tells you. It can occur when you don’t stand up for yourself. It can be because you ignore a red flag. It can be because you put yourself last. It can be because you lie to yourself because it is less painful than seeing reality. It can be something out of your control like the loss of a loved one. The solution to any challenge always involves surrender. It is when the chatter stops, the trying to work it out takes the back seat while trust and intuition moved to the front that solutions occur.

May you find solutions to your challenges and learn from them. I’ll add photos later when I am in range.

Healing from Nature

I am just returning from ten days in and around nature. My sister was getting married and I was asked to participate. On the way we camped in a variety of places from Northern California. The wedding was held on a remote section of the Makenzie River in Oregon with no cell coverage or internet though it was not camping on this leg of the trip. Most of the time there we spent walking barefoot on the mossy grounds surrounding the location setting up for the event.

The trip started in the Sacramento Delta. My boyfriend and a few of his friends joined,  we camped along the Sacramento River. The next day we continued to see falls and head up to Mount Shasta area. We swam in the river and saw more falls. Such peace was present and the force of the water so beautiful at both sets of falls was inspiring. We camped near the river next to three falls. We hiked up mount Shasta just to Horse Camp.

We stopped near Mount Shasta at an amazing lake surrounded by wild flowers and at night,  the stars were so bright they even reflected upon the lake.  I found an amazing dense piece of high quality tourmaline with green highlights. The moon was new so we could even see the vibrant milky way, so bright as it was far from any city light pollution.

After that we drove to Lava Beds area. It was hot and quite a change of scenery. There was a wildlife preserve nearby for birds and the scenery was fairly flat. We had a lovely campsite and once again had a spectacular show of stars.