India – September 25, 2022 –

I am just beginning to settle into Badrinath thanks to someone I know here I was able to honor my ancestry during this auspicious time. I was able to create my family tree using sticky notes I packed because my intuition asked me to. I did not plan this part of my trip but was guided to come here to decompress and reactivate my Sadhana.

This all appeared to not be possible despite my own way of manifesting when I have made up my mind. Many roadblocks occurred and people who could help me got Covid or are part of a larger organizations that have bureaucratic aspects. It is always a reminder to trust in Divine and not take the will to force timing. There is also balance in that.

In my case there is a really not so nice situation wherein I have acted in integrity but yet Justice has been slow. I have taken the high road and have tried cooperating to excess but this instead created some major delays and some frustrations as the others have decided to stall. I am remaining vague for the sake of those involved so as to not harm anyone in my process of relaying the many lessons.

Despite all odds of how it appeared I was able to secure a small but important portion of what was owing by jumping through considerable hoops. In this time the plane ticket I needed to purchase doubled. It felt that because I stated I had an important opportunity it caused one person to give me an even harder time. I was pushed to prove line by line what I was owed that had already been provided. I did so and in the process turned up more that was owing so I guess it could be called a wash.

Being in India and out of that environment has helped me to drop back into who I am. There is nowhere in this town that is not nature. When I walk I am greeted by many cows. The grass is very green from all of the rain and the air is fresh, though with less oxygen because of altitude. I feel so charged with the holiness of this special place. People are kind here and I get to practice my Hindi daily by buying groceries from the many market stands. I am grateful for the funds released as it is part of the healing.

I have a much needed reprieve because of the cooperation of someone who could provide me a leave prior to a hearing date being set. I realize how this situation has held me back in the last few years. I am a joyful and open person but this really was difficult. Sometimes someone you believe has your back may not. They can go in a very opposite way than you expect. That in itself has an element of shock to it.

I am grateful for the warrior side of me that appreciates Justice and is willing to stick it out for the sake of being honored and respected. I am quite good at finding truth. I have been helpful to the other side and I thought from the beginning that it would be useful to approach a situation from a place of cooperation. The problem with that is it takes all sides to work towards solutions.

I am letting go of this for now and am in the most magical place on Earth. I have always wanted to come here and this has far exceeded my expectations. It will work itself out how it will.

What I have learned is to follow my Dharma and everything works out. I am meant to be a healer and to teach healing. Whenever I move towards that truth I am always backed up no matter what. I have been healing and teaching since 2011-2012. Gradually I have moved my time to greater and greater percentages of following what I am supposed to be doing. This includes trusting my intuition no matter how crazy it seems. It also includes my art,writing and singing.

Challenges happen in life. It can be because you don’t listen to what your heart tells you. It can occur when you don’t stand up for yourself. It can be because you ignore a red flag. It can be because you put yourself last. It can be because you lie to yourself because it is less painful than seeing reality. It can be something out of your control like the loss of a loved one. The solution to any challenge always involves surrender. It is when the chatter stops, the trying to work it out takes the back seat while trust and intuition moved to the front that solutions occur.

May you find solutions to your challenges and learn from them. I’ll add photos later when I am in range.


Defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

The core of my foundation is centered in creativity. Through written words, photography, ceramics, insights, healing, teaching, Vedic fire, and music, everything I do has roots from that lens. It is something I regularly contemplate.

Freedom from limitations is to think in new ways and be adaptable. Flow and self honoring never been more important than right now. For example, if I didn’t walk my talk and live my purpose I would not be forging a path both for myself and others as a remote medical intuitive and teacher. It requires me to believe and know deeply. Not only that but to do so despite what other people understand about it because it is my reason for being here.

My father was a fine artist and professor of art so creative process was instilled and encouraged in me always. However there are important treasures that favor me now as a result of my efforts. Those are enjoyment and the meditative peace of the process, problem solving, the ability to create beauty for myself or others and the ability to be alone but not lonely and feeling joyful. It helps me to connect with the ageless part of me and transports me back to my authentic self through memories of the essence of my child self.

This lens of creative process is a cross-over skill that can be applied to problem solving, discernment, teaching, sharing, learning, leading, healing and to assist in times of great change. It takes courage to follow a path of being, that inner knowing of your incarnation’s purpose. To trust the process of life with its ups and downs is to be liberated no matter what is happening.

I never give up even if sometimes life can have elements of injustice, loss, distortion, or resistance. Sometimes a Near Death Experience or a loss has to happen to grasp the preciousness of life. The present moment is the only sanctuary where the solution of “being” can create inspiration to live the life of your dreams and transport self to its authentic understanding of its highest manifestation. May all who read this be blessed with courage to follow your deepest life purpose in this moment into whatever the path ahead transforms into!

Remote Healing- a Personal Perspective

The modality of energy healing I work with is called Pranashakthi. I teach 4 levels of this extensive sacred knowledge as well as Sri Vidya and Crystals. I primarily work remotely meaning prior to this “stay at home” time. I sent remote healing everyday.

Pranashakthi shifts stubborn issues and effects change to the root of both the physical and mental realms. The way this works is that the modality it is infinite dimensional meaning if the issue exists in this vibration only it can be quite dense but when taken it to higher frequencies wellness becomes possible in a much freer and deeper way.

How does remote healing work? Connecting into divine and listening to guidance is how it works. I have been extensively trained. I am a cosmic woman at this point so it is like breathing to me but I will venture to explain in a concise way by going back to my roots. I am discussing Pranashakthi, specifically because this is the modality I work with. I have tried other healings. Not all healings access all dimensions. I resonate with Pranashakthi because it allows me to connect in a fluid way allowing for my creativity and intuition in an uplifted and bright way.

Everything is energy and we are not solid. We are a sum of the macro environment atoms, molecules etc all which have space meaning, not solid. All of which can be shifted. We are also spirit, etheric. We have a mind and we have a heart and we have bodies. The physical body is just one aspect. Our thought forms can enliven or tear us down. The company we keep is also a factor. For example verbal abuse. Even just solving an simple issue in peace as opposed to with aggression. Disease can come from negative thinking.

We are contained inside a body but how we effect our environment is not limited to being within. The miracle that is our bodies and the consciousness that exists within are a precise tool. Each person has specific gifts and interacts with their intuition through their dominate traits of perception. Mine is through feeling and knowing.

What we are capable of is much more than most people realize. We are equally present everywhere is a truth that may create comfort in this time of lockdown. For example you go to Maui for a vacation and swim with sea turtles. Now upon remembering this magical experience we are there again in our minds. It is similar to this. Instead of remembering we are connecting in telepathically. It is often easiest to connect in at first with people we know but as you practice there is no difference except for those we know we have a little more history so insight may be more accesable. It is the reason you know your friend is calling you before the phone rings. Some people know when someone is in trouble. I feel medical issues across the world as if I am there.

For me the way I relate to the process of healing remotely is I connect into my lineage and ask for guidance, I remain open to the feelings of the energy of the person I am assisting. I have tools to change and clear dense energies or imbalances and bring a high level of unconditional love. I listen to my inner guidance as well as the being and feel with my empathic abilities and with my feeling perspective usually my hands and body though that now includes my voice. Sometimes I will hear words sometimes I know. I can feel the energies of people not only their moods but very specific information like nerve pain, inflammation etc. From my years of helping people besides just feeling I have more knowing and some vision. These shifts can be done all the way down to the molecular level.

Trusting in intuition is an essential piece of how this works. perhaps that is why people call healing “faith healing” it takes faith to operate from knowing and feeling although that wording has a stigma normally.

I was not aware I was a healer until right before my dad had cancer that had metastasized. In order to assist him I jumped into learning and it is how I discovered Pranashakthi. The knowledge is already inside, training and specifics allow for this way of seeing and understanding to come back online. Having someone to guide the way is a quicker way to learn. It helps to learn from someone who is passionate about it.

You can attempt to teach yourself to snowboard or ski but you will be on your butt most of the day, and the trajectory of learning may not be as quick. You can teach yourself to throw but someone at the ceramic studio says you need to put force and hold your stillness to center instead of being gentle and without focus. My classes are stepping stones for embodying a forgotten operating system to authentic self. It is also a connection to an important and user friendly lineage.

I am attaching my testimonials to show how people and animals have benefited by the healing I bring through. Besides general healing I can clear space remotely, assist in mediating issues, helping to hold space and keep down inflammation during surgeries, offering support when for ascention when a loved one dies, removing psychic attack, helping with planetary imbalances, clearing physical and emotional issues. I can receive messages from my knowing on how to handle a situation and I know how to test how much energy exists towards certain decisions. I work with color therapy, agni hotra (Fire), sounds healing and other forms such as light language drawings. Many things I can assist with as well as animals. I have sessions available contact me on my webpage or message me and I will get back with you.

I know that many people are needing assistance right now so I am putting this out to see who needs assistance. If you have any questions please let me know.

Healing a Sparrow Who Hit The Window

How Can I Best Serve?

In late 2011 I learned Pranashakthi energy healing. I was already using energetic gifts with basic Reiki. Expanding into this modality was pressing for the sake of my father whose Cancer had just metastasized and required faster acting shifts. It was a huge blessing Pranashakthi found me.

The depth of this special healing is still beyond any I have witnessed which is why I decided to delve so deeply. I took this seriously in a light way and I was fascinated. Because my father was in Oregon I was able to try remote healing immediately. The knowledge was a reminder to my core, of who I really am. Discovering Pranshakthi was a homecoming to my authentic intuitive self. A year later I was initiated as a teacher because I am that.

Not everyone was ready to learn or could understand because it seemed esoteric to some at that time. I acquired and embodied the understanding rapidly because healing is my passion, because it works, but also because of my father’s situation. I found out that feeling and knowing are two aspects of psychic abilities that exist and that I am very naturally tuned into both of theses aspects.

What I love about Pranashakthi is that it allows for creativity and freedom. I have used this sacred energy daily and have taught many people all over the world. I have met amazing friends and helped countless people and animals. You always have your body with you so it is always easy to access if you need or want to help someone. I am constantly surprised by what can shift.

I see parallels between these creative processes of ceramics too. If fact I now I infuse my ceramics with healing and Pranashakthi is fired inside. When the wet clay molecules dry the pieces are fired and healing is set within. Mahataj started with birds I would make for people who were sad as a reminder of how precious life is. I call them bluebirds of happiness and they can go on and altar or be carried in a pocket.

I recently began to consider how I could assist people to grasp remote healing more deeply beyond my current methods. Once the class ends not everyone incorporates the distance techniques. Not everyone attracts people and animals who need healing like I tend to. I am a free spirit so remote healing comes naturally. I had no fear and also have strong faith. It seems that sometimes it really helps people to feel supported but they don’t want to be a burden so I had an idea.

Through using and developing Pranashakthi and through extensive trainings, I feel uniquely qualified to help people grasp what I bring through. I have been using it, teaching, receiving many advanced trainings; and have developed how to best allow for this energy to flow. It was the need to assist that created the motivation to delve deeply and quickly into a space of how to assist others!

I have just created a closed group so anyone who learns from me in any country can ask me to join once you have learned. I am providing this for people who are open to the assistance, who I ascertain are a good fit and are agreeable. Each student can at their leisure check in at any time to practice. I provide some people who need more extensive assistance that can use more help. Since I am familiar with the cases, I can offer guidance until the person remembers how to use their gifts which we have unfortunately been weened off through our culture.

So if I have taught you Pranashakthi in the past let me know if you want to be added to the group.

If you want to learn healing I can offer live classes in San Francisco my rates are on my web page. I teach four levels of Pranashakthi Mahavidya. I also teach level one Crystal Healing, as well as Level One Sri Vidya. I can also teach online.

If you gather enough fellow students and feel called to host me in your town I am available with enough notice as long as the deposit to covers my expenses.

I will be offering mini sessions at the Holistic Health Saloon on March 29 in San Francisco. I will add a link once it is provided to me.

Towards True Self

Sometimes the focus on a goal or a way of seeing and responsibilities can get in the way of living. Life can become semi automated. The set pattern of movement or routine, commute, and work can cause another world to not exist. Living in a city, disconnection from nature, it can happen. All it takes is a perception switch into presence? embodiment to break loose into high vibrations.

Visuals become vibrant or understandings can suddenly come into focus. It can be sparked by life situations that unfold like falling in love, having a baby or moving, a brush with death, or a breakup. It can also just occur from meeting one soul who inspires you! Consciousness shifts often go hand in hand with newness in circumstances. The lows sorrows and loss of faith transmute. Joy and being in the heart or in nature brings us up and out. When we have gratitude for the fleeting nature of an incarnation then we reset our optimism and trust. When we ourselves are of service to the whole we ignite hope in others and make the world a better place.

There is also the blessings of personal devotion. With sadhana vibrancy and color, the aliveness of nature all become amplified as well as intuitive guidance. Knowing and compassion are also heightened. When one is well rested and peaceful optimum presence is available. More happens without effort.

In the last few years I have been focused on the inner, on learning and honing my spiritual being.i have been in service but in a one on one quiet way. I have been more inward and solitary. Today at a friend’s urging I decided to go see a movie. It was what I needed to bring me back to myself. To just do something not in my norm.

I noticed since it has been so long since I bad been to that theater is there are no more ticket sales from humans. There are still those who scan tickets with digital devices. There was also no longer attendants accepting money at the garage. I have noticed automation coming and more and more with robotic person replacements. From retail, reception and coffee. It has not been that long.

The message of the movie itself reflected the positives of society we are moving towards. The expansion of consciousness, opening to our collective gifts and following prompts to follow our dreams.

As I drove home I took a different street past the encampments of people who don’t currently even have a roof over their head. It feels like the numbers are way up and the wet cold is even colder. I appreciate what I have which is warmth and a place to myself out of the elements. How do they get through all of this.

So I am in this space of seeing all that is. I feel the pace of the city quickening. On Christmas Eve I almost got run over by a car going 50 in a residential area. I am grateful that I am still here because I and as anyone reading this must know each purpose is important. I am glad I did not leave in that way. The ashram was across the street and it would have traumatic to others especially Christmas Eve day and the location.

That same night however I also heard an angelic choir at Grace Cathedral and enjoyed the company of two dear friends. The energy was so high!

Here is a quote for you:

“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all you your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all of the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.”

Buckminster Fuller; Architect Engineer, and Inventor

And one more

Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary — the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trimtab.
It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trimtab. Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go.
So I said, call me Trimtab.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Everything is shifting, the set point is a moving target which requires optimism, peace, awareness, faith, trust and adaptability. Stay positive and be the love you are! Go with the flow even when it feels heavy or foreign. Self doubt is only illusion. Everything is shifting and clearing! Let 2020 be your pathway to light. Be who you are and know even that your perception of that can shift. While the collective is important so is each being. There is no other you. Each person is gifted for what they are here for. No one has the same gift we are all like snowflakes. Even our voices are one of a kind. There is such a thing as a voice print and no two voices are the same. Happy New Year to a special soul!

Neighborhood Cat

There is a cat who doesn’t appear to have an owner in my neighborhood. She loves me and is learning to trust in me. She was so cold last night I sat and gave her my attention love and warmth. I decided I would let her stay inside with me. She was following me but she was literally on the fence. I tried to help her down and scared her. So I later left her a scarf to sleep on. Since then I have not seen her and or has been pouring rain. This scarf is now drenched in rain. I hope she is ok.

Pranashakthi 11-16-19

Pranashakthi, the healing that comes through me is such a blessing. Yesterday I helped my mom’s dog Daisy. She’s so sweet. I did not think about it but later realized she had really instant results. She lives in Oregon.

I attended the Holistic Health Saloon and saw about 9 people today. I love meeting people and it surprises me that I understand through knowing deeply just what to do. Yes I have extensive training but it feels good to have an impact on people’s lives even through the mini sessions. I already received two follow up thank you emails. I also saw someone who referred me previously and that referral received excellent test results on an issue that had been at a standstill.

I have been practicing Pranashakthi since 2012. Almost every day and usually more than once is an opportunity to call upon the assistance. It weaves an amazing tapestry of friends both animals and people.

Somehow I have been gifted this good fortune.

I cannot explain how blessed I feel. Results happen with Pranashakthi and there is for some reason so much grace around me. Each time I hear of miraculous results I am always surprised. I meet just who I need to meet and I am surrounded by so much love.

I know deeply this is my calling. Countless sweet encounters. Distance healings to all over the world. This entry is not made from a perspective of pride or any other motive but to just reflect on the blessings!

In 2012 people were not overall ready for this and I was discouraged by someone who was wanting to prevent me from following my heart and blocked me.

I allowed that and I didn’t stick to my truth in an outward way but operated just by word of mouth. It was not wrong but I just have been supported by a new friend who sees me and has pushed me to step up to my potential. I am now because I can make a big difference in people’s lives.

I work at a law firm besides healing. Over the years I have helped many clients of ours. Some do not know I am a healer. One man I helped with his dying father. Legal matters are stressful and people really need light. Even the downtown area is effected by the chanting as I take the elevators. I have assisted two building security men, and co workers.

Today was really an impactful day for me.

I had set up a yagna (sacred fire) in the evening but the people who were coming could not make it. We decided to have it anyway and I sang as well. My friends son who I have known since he was three helped me. We chanted the Hanuman Chalisa afterward. I feel such peace.

Tomorrow I teach two classes. I look forward to showing others what I love. I hope they experience the same joy!


These last 6 months I have been focusing on music, healing and going deeply within. As I sit in silence, in nature, chant and reflect I find deep peace within that I have never known. Music soothes the depths of my being. I am content in my being at my core. The light is just everywhere. I am feeling called to share the clairsentient gifts I have been cultivating within myself in a more intimate way with my word of mouth connections as well as allowing for my reach to expand to more who are called to learn or experience healing from me. Part of my calling is to assist others in mastering their own energetic field. I also feel called to bridge better understanding through example for those not familiar or skeptical of the power of energy healing and knowing. So much is possible to shift but the collective as a whole does not fully grasp this yet due to the lens of scientific, linear, non- miracle accepting mindsets and the conning antics of a few inauthentic faux-mediums who use their insights for their own gain.

May this knowledge reach those who need to hear this. Particularly I want those who are feelers to understand the blessing and gifts of energy sensitivity that can, when without experiential knowledge, feel overwhelming or challenging. It is from my own growth process that I relate this. There were not blogs on such topics as I was growing up as it wasn’t something even considered in the collective yet.

I can, as a result of my life’s path, help compassionate feelers to ground into their own energetic field and discern the subtlety of their environment, social situations or their own wiring. The sum grace of this, is that now I am to impart this subtle embodiment of truth because I have lived through the process. I have helped many people through my distilled summary of many years of my own experiences. To open peoples heart and minds in a more easeful way is one way I am of service.

I find my own core has opened to a steady flow of incoming sacred knowledge that comes through me via healing work I do for people, animals and the earth. Why don’t I share this more is something I just comprehended in my mind when my car lost it’s steering in June and I experienced a near death experience. Without having to live through any damage to my health I was able to get profound insights to my own hesitation to imparting knowledge per some perceptions I had having to do with humility and not wanting to push my views. The teaching I am interested in is for the sake of the whole so that is not an issue. The car is gone but I am safe and blessed with gratitude for my purpose!

My extended trip to India has further expanded my capacity of perception, of bringing together qualities of depth, surrender and to trust and navigate the reliable flow of grace. The extensive pranayama, chanting and havan sadana practices changed my whole being.

In a few weeks I will start offering healing with colored light that I will pair with the infinite dimensional Pranashakthi healing I already do. I will expand on this once I receive the light pen and work within it. I believe this literal “light work” will also work remotely just as effectively as if I am present. I normally work remotely with Pranashakthi the modality I specialize in. I positively feel this color therapy will be transmit-able in the same way I send remote healing for physical and emotional issues. I will test this in the coming weeks.

If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Dog Seva

A few days ago I was walking near my apartment in Vrindavan. I saw this sweet dog I named Bindi per a perfect mud dot between her eyes. She was so thin, and shaking was foraging in trash in the alley. I had some biscuits I had picked up the day before for feeding hungry dogs which are a common sight.

When I fed her I realized she had a neurological issue and that her spine was bent. She could not eat well from the ground because she was shaking so much. I am a healer and intended to give some healing too but she had left before I got back with water for her.

I sent her remote Pranashakthi energy healing that night but could not get her out of my mind. She was so weak and was so shaky when she tried to ear from the ground.

Yesterday when I went to get milk I saw her again in the same place. I was ecstatic she was alive and appeared stronger. I again fed her and was able to capture some images of her for the sake of remote healing.

Tomorrow I will take the extra rotis I made today around to all the ravenous dogs in my neighborhood inspired by my new friend Bindi and will hopefully see her gentle soul again soon.