Defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

The core of my foundation is centered in creativity. Through written words, photography, ceramics, insights, healing, teaching, Vedic fire, and music, everything I do has roots from that lens. It is something I regularly contemplate.

Freedom from limitations is to think in new ways and be adaptable. Flow and self honoring never been more important than right now. For example, if I didn’t walk my talk and live my purpose I would not be forging a path both for myself and others as a remote medical intuitive and teacher. It requires me to believe and know deeply. Not only that but to do so despite what other people understand about it because it is my reason for being here.

My father was a fine artist and professor of art so creative process was instilled and encouraged in me always. However there are important treasures that favor me now as a result of my efforts. Those are enjoyment and the meditative peace of the process, problem solving, the ability to create beauty for myself or others and the ability to be alone but not lonely and feeling joyful. It helps me to connect with the ageless part of me and transports me back to my authentic self through memories of the essence of my child self.

This lens of creative process is a cross-over skill that can be applied to problem solving, discernment, teaching, sharing, learning, leading, healing and to assist in times of great change. It takes courage to follow a path of being, that inner knowing of your incarnation’s purpose. To trust the process of life with its ups and downs is to be liberated no matter what is happening.

I never give up even if sometimes life can have elements of injustice, loss, distortion, or resistance. Sometimes a Near Death Experience or a loss has to happen to grasp the preciousness of life. The present moment is the only sanctuary where the solution of “being” can create inspiration to live the life of your dreams and transport self to its authentic understanding of its highest manifestation. May all who read this be blessed with courage to follow your deepest life purpose in this moment into whatever the path ahead transforms into!