Healing from Nature

I am just returning from ten days in and around nature. My sister was getting married and I was asked to participate. On the way we camped in a variety of places from Northern California. The wedding was held on a remote section of the Makenzie River in Oregon with no cell coverage or internet though it was not camping on this leg of the trip. Most of the time there we spent walking barefoot on the mossy grounds surrounding the location setting up for the event.

The trip started in the Sacramento Delta. My boyfriend and a few of his friends joined,  we camped along the Sacramento River. The next day we continued to see falls and head up to Mount Shasta area. We swam in the river and saw more falls. Such peace was present and the force of the water so beautiful at both sets of falls was inspiring. We camped near the river next to three falls. We hiked up mount Shasta just to Horse Camp.

We stopped near Mount Shasta at an amazing lake surrounded by wild flowers and at night,  the stars were so bright they even reflected upon the lake.  I found an amazing dense piece of high quality tourmaline with green highlights. The moon was new so we could even see the vibrant milky way, so bright as it was far from any city light pollution.

After that we drove to Lava Beds area. It was hot and quite a change of scenery. There was a wildlife preserve nearby for birds and the scenery was fairly flat. We had a lovely campsite and once again had a spectacular show of stars.