Pranashakthi Emotional Seed Healing

The night before last I was blessed to learn an expanded form of  Pranashakthi Emotional Seed Healing. It not only helps with stress and with easing the flow of life but it also gets to the root of physical issues restoring the blueprint of to emotional wellness.  Already I have some training in this aspect, however his update is much deeper. One gift I have is sensitivity to energy, its pureness and strength. I love the bliss this healing generates. It is expansive, light and very soothing.

Because we incarnate over and over our lives accumulate past life impressions. In this life we most likely carry aspects of emotional trauma unknowingly imbedded in our emotional being. These appear as blocks, oversensitivity, phobias, irrational reactions, abandonment issues, basically any imbalance. We also carry this life’s stress and hurts as well. These emotions such as fear keep us from fully living.

The process requires 7-11 days of a minimum of a half hour of cleansing and energizing. In eleven days from now I will take a close look at my own results. Today is day three for me though I have only done two sessions. I am feeling uplifted, motivated, cheerful, grounded and peaceful. It works on people, animals, organizations, relationships and even can work on plants or on spaces.

Starting in seven days from now I will be offering this remotely via Skype or Facetime. I want to finish my own process first. With what I have seen when I channel healing is so many issues begin with emotions or stress. I am a Pranashakthi master healer/teacher based out of San Francisco. I work with animals and people everyday in person and  remotely. One thing that can be very effective with is that this helps with resistance that can be subconscious, with addiction issues, heartbreak, depression, motivation, outlook, lack of confidence etc. I can see this helping with things like shyness, victim mentality the hard to break out of emotional viewpoints. This is quicker than years of therapy. I am very much looking forward to seeing what is possible with this.  I can already see is very nourishing.

Some people go to past life regression or have healing for past life issues. This healing can actually work for this as it restores the seed to its origin. I am grateful for happening upon my guru and for all that I have been so far able to learn. Out of all of the classes I have taken which are many, this is one of the strongest I have felt. I am going to infuse this blog to see if it works with just how I am feeling right now after two self-healing sessions. Please comment if you feel it. Such grace is available and I am grateful to be able to work with these energies on behalf of others.

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