Beloved Festival

This weekend was the Beloved Festival in Tidewater, Oregon. The event was not far from where my mom lives an hour North, on a piece of land that has been our family since the sixties. The gentle green fern, and Alder forests were already nostalgic reminders of my childhood summers. Memories of Oregon as a small girl flooded in, mostly what I remember from that time was not as much events but rather the emotions such as high levels of joy, peace and excitement from those family road trips. It put me in touch with my authentic self. My partner and I decided to attend at the last minute per our friends’ recommendations. I hadn’t even had a chance to see where it was on the map until we hit the town Philomath and I realized the syncronicity.

As we pulled in sweetness was already apparent. We headed to participate in the opening ceremony after setting up the tent.  The walk,on a shady dirt road lined with hand pained inspirational signs and so much green, was so peaceful. Purposefully the area was designed to have one music stage or the center of the mandala and other areas are laid out in a balance according to this concept and having a central point in order to keep a sense of focus. The theme is to be loving and open to fellow seekers to make eye contact, and to enjoy the fun together as a group. There were benches you could sit on if you wanted to meet people or if you needed some company.

At the opening ceremony there was a epic circle created and everyone chanted together. It was the largest circle of people holding hands I have ever seen and the towering trees made it feel even more like a dream. The four directions were honored and shortly thereafter an African healing prayer was offered to the earth in which everyone participated in by singing so lovely together.

Music played all day each day and because of just one main stage being the focus, it felt less rushed and more peaceful. The palate of classes and music was not too full as to cause any scattered pulling energy. The whole event was mindful including reusable bowls for food, porta potties with essential oil sprays,inspirational quotes, decor, pictures and nature based still life (even the tape used to hang the pictures matched). There was a sacred fire going at all times as well as tea areas, a lake with a structure loaded with tuning forks and a sitting area, a charka topless yurt-like art structure with mandalas made from products of the earth such as flowers, saw dust, plants and flowers. A white instillation art tent existed with cut outs of sacred geometry cut from wood that hung and lit up magically at night.

Ott set up in the center of the dance floor on the day he played without his band. Christopher who was sending clearing blessings of Frankincense smoke gave him a nice smoke bath. It was apparent how happy he was. Everyone was dancing and having a blast.

We took a singing lesson with Tahir of Fanna Fi Allah, were able to watch their concert we saw Shantala with some fantastic , to experience a reiki healing via an acapella group called .

My heart feels wide open and renewed by the love that was generated by the amazing group of people there. It was refreshing to have so many styles of highest quality music in one location, along with yoga and workshops. The people were of all ages from small children to elders.