Gratitude – The Birth of my First Website


This week has been a flurry of life events like none other to date. I was blessed with the good fortune of working on Deepa who I just met through her husband Mohit who is a student of mine. She was suffering deep pain relating to Sciatica that was unrelenting.  We were talking and in the course of the conversation she told me she could build a website for me purely because she wanted to help me.  I am so grateful for this generous offer. She is truly amazing.

Here are a few of the weeks highlights:

  • First Website up
  • First Blog up
  • Just found out my landlord is trying to kick me out of my studio for an owner move in where I have lived 17 years. I may only have 60 days to vacate.
  • My car died so no car for now.
  • I am flying out to Ananda Ashram the sister ashram of San Francisco Yoga Society I attend regularly.  I leave on Friday to sing Hindustani Classical with my amazing teacher Kankana Banerjee of Mumbai in New York. The performance is for my guru’s guru Baba Bhagavandas Bodhisatva’s birthday, a real honor.
  • I have pitched to give a lecture in New York while I am there. Outcome unknown.
  • I am leaving for India on a musical tour with my teacher Gina Sala in a few months and need to get my Visa and care for many other to dos. I have already bought my ticket.
  • Have life coaching I am working on with Briksha Agarwal.  Feel very blessed by this support.
  • No idea where I will be living.

These life changes are much greater than what normally occur for me.  The momentum generated here this week is recharging my life in ways I could not expect. It is also reminding me to keep my faith, remembering how I am always cared for. When healing I do not set limits to what is possible by trying to predict or box in an outcome with my thinking mind. This only limits what can come through when assisting someone. This week’s lesson for me is to trust and surrender on that level with all areas of my life also while taking necessary actions to move forward.

Thank you Deepa for the beautiful website, I love it!!!! Just in time for my trips. 

Here’s my website .