Rare Knowledge Revealed at Ananda Ashram ~Blue Sky Center at 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Sunday August 10, 2014

Join Pranashakthi Master Healer Carol Whitney for A lecture and initiation to Pranashakthi Mahavidya an ancient energy healing technique.  This rare rediscovered knowledge will be revealed and sample healings will be preformed remotely for interested workshop participants.  The fee for the class, initiation and remote healing is $18.00 normally $27.00. The discounted rate is in honor of my guru’s guru Baba Bhagawan Das’ birthday weekend celebration and my affiliation with the Ananda Ashram sister ashram to Yoga Society of San Francisco the ashram I attend. Anyone who wants to join me later and happens to be at the ashram I will be doing on my own a full moon meditation audio guided by my healing guru Shri Yogacharya Arun Kumarji.  Ananda Ashram is about an hour outside of New York City. The address is 13 Sapphire Road in Monroe New York.