Dog Seva

A few days ago I was walking near my apartment in Vrindavan. I saw this sweet dog I named Bindi per a perfect mud dot between her eyes. She was so thin, and shaking was foraging in trash in the alley. I had some biscuits I had picked up the day before for feeding hungry dogs which are a common sight.

When I fed her I realized she had a neurological issue and that her spine was bent. She could not eat well from the ground because she was shaking so much. I am a healer and intended to give some healing too but she had left before I got back with water for her.

I sent her remote Pranashakthi energy healing that night but could not get her out of my mind. She was so weak and was so shaky when she tried to ear from the ground.

Yesterday when I went to get milk I saw her again in the same place. I was ecstatic she was alive and appeared stronger. I again fed her and was able to capture some images of her for the sake of remote healing.

Tomorrow I will take the extra rotis I made today around to all the ravenous dogs in my neighborhood inspired by my new friend Bindi and will hopefully see her gentle soul again soon.

Back in Vrindavan

I have moved into an apartment in Braj for the month of November and am settling in for focus on honing Pranashakthi healing techniques, on coursework for my healing classes, on my music, meditation, on my Sadana! The luxury of this much focused time to tend to my practice it is a true luxury! So grateful for my life and how it flows!

Precious Life

I was thinking about my friend Matura Seva and his unexpected passing while watching the sun set in Mumbai last night. It was an auspicious full moon so we each offered Mantras, I sent healing to a list of those who needed it and we slept in its beautiful glow on the building roof.

Matura’s life demonstrates what I already know and practice myself which is how one person can light up so many. He did so with with joy, Gyana and Bhakti. We all have that capacity to positively be of service to others, to have courage to fully unfold our authentic selves. Each person has special gifts to offer. Kindness and openness is so important. I have always felt the urgency to make other people’s lives better through my actions and my heart. This trip to India is opening up new levels of self love that increase this capacity. So honored to have known this great soul.

This reflection inspired me to have a deep conversation with a dear friend that I may not have had. So grateful for all that is. Don’t put off what is important because that moment may not exist in the future!

India Second by Second Darshan

Rishikesh opened my heart so wide. The light was so muted. I stayed at a very nice place where I was sincerely nurtured. It rained a few days. The mules would walk by my place. Sometimes their hooves sounded like rain on the roof. A very much needed peaceful and magical stay with an added deep connection with the Ganga. I was very close to Laxman Jhula.

I moved next to Vrindavan and was on-time for Damodara’s Birthday who was just a baby on my last extended stay. Enjoyed the daily Arti. caught up with some old friends and visit with Sadhu Maharaj as well as a trip to the Yamuna. Received an incredible color healing from a new friend. On the way out of town took darshan into the Radhe Maan Sarovar a kund created by Bhakti tears of Gopis when Krishna left Vrindavan. This was truly a highlight.

Took a sleep train from Mathura to Mumbai after a bumpy ride in a Tom Tom but the ride managed to dry my wet cloths.

The next morning in Mumbai stopped at the Ganesha temple on the way to Kankana’s Banerjee’s house. I am staying with my Hindustani teacher.

My intention is to learn as much as possible this time and deeply organize what I have learned from her since 2011. I am rewriting class notes and verifying for clarity any issues I may have had in the writing. I am also learning Devanagari for Sanskrit and doing my daily Sri Vidya meditation. Feeling so peaceful! So lovely to connect with my long time musical Guruma in her home. What a blessing.

It is amazing to have the time to put my energies towards my passions, creativity, healing and music.

This trip I am focusing on these precious moments besides just an opportunity to completely unwind but also to put my efforts to hone my mind, body heart, simply by being my authentic self. Feeling so blessed!


Today is the second day of Navaratri. I woke up early and meditated. It is pouring rain here. I spent the last two hours walking in the rain in meditation and saying my daily mantras.

I have never felt such a deep level of peace. My heart is softened. The gentle breezes are filled with chanting, chirping birds, incense, and earth. I am grateful for every drop of rain, for the adorable street dogs, and the land.

I await a dear friend I haven’t seen for some time in joy.

Time for a nap.

India 2018

I am back in India for a few months. The purpose of this trip is to allow for further unfolding of Pranashakthi, the healing modality I work with, to go deeper in my meditation and  spiritual insight.  I landed and am staying with my amazing friends Bhavana and Sanjanain Delhi and leaving today for Rishikesh.

The trip has been peaceful and nurturing to my soul . I have seen  my healing guru Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumar here in Delhi. I have also seen Dr. Sharma and Annapurna whom I have known since 2004 from the Yoga Society. Dr. Sharma our Sanskrit Scholar now in his early 90’s is not capable of travel so this may be my last visit with him!

I will blog for this trip as I am connected to Internet.

The Value of Small Acts of Kindness

My heart always finds opportunities to serve. One day when I was walking down the street I noticed beautiful flowers all over sidewalk that had fallen from a nearby tree. My guidance told me to pick up one, so I did.  As I entered the train I was told to give it to a young man of 20 or so. I thought to myself this is a little crazy.  As I did the man burst into tears and said that I restored his faith. He had been beaten on the train by three people days before and had finally decided to face his fear of riding caused by the trauma. I was able to hold space for him to process this and to be an example that he needed at that moment. Trusting what I was being guided to do impacted someones life. This cost me nothing and was so powerful.

Once while in India a group of us witnessed a dog stuck in a sewer. The water level had dropped and she was walking on the trash but unable to get out because the walls were too high. We gathered a large crowd and part of the party went to grab a ladder. A young man seeing the situation and knowing that a human’s weight would not hold to step on the trash leaned his body down into the trough with his strong arms as we held him from the side. He was able to grab the dog without getting bit. The image of the dog after she was released of the stress knowing that she wouldn’t have survied otherwise was an incredible sight. She drank water from the side of a building to rehydrate and peered back at us with peaceful relief. I was literally moved to tears to see this.

Today I was going to ship out a few gifts for birthdays. I had boxes for the shipping under my arm and was approached by a man sitting on the sidewalk who asked if I needed them. I was using them so when finished, I went back to the original source and found him a few others. He was using them to sit on to keep warm. Oh how he lit up in surprised joy when I returned.  Again no cost was involved.

These acts are tangible but smaller acts are equally impactful. For example when our hearts are in peace because we meditate, we keep the environment drama free. When we breathe and slow down we give space to the atmosphere.  By going into nature to and feeling that deep healing we instantly create balance that we can later share with others with our clear presence. To be a producer of harmony is simple. Some ways to do this are to radiate joy, to show up for someone who needs you, to listen without having anything to add, to release judgment and offer neutrality, to participate in solutions, to see the good in others, to avoid complaining and be gratful, to open your heart, to smile, to appreciate others’ gifts, to not reflect back another’s anger or frustration, and to exude joy to name a few.

Using positive language that is inspiring is another way to bring light in. For example, if you see someone speaking badly about their own being you can gently point out the power of words to them and reflect back what you see that is more accurate. Authenticity is important when you give words of encouragement because our minds are always on guard for truth. All beings want love and want to know they matter in some way. By maintaining a supportive presence and using words that uplift, it is possible to build a foundation for greatness. Because I am a healer sometimes I can see needs for assistance. A woman at a writing conference I was attending almost had to leave for home because of a severe tooth pain she was experiencing. I knew the energy work I practice could rid her of her pain and lower her anxiety, I have seen it work so many times. She experienced relief immediately and was able to stay for the rest of the conference.

Observing animals is a way of seeing compassion in action. Animals are highly psychic and are very connected to humans. I heal animals and had been working on a dog that was supposed to only live two weeks but had regained his vitality. When Jackson did pass 6 months later I was experiencing grief at the local corner store.  I had just heard from his owners  he had passed to spirit when suddenly I felt the head of a dog resting on my thigh basically giving me a dog hug. When I looked down at her she was literally smiling lovingly at me. I told the owner that she knew of my loss of a canine friend. He agreed that Roo was tuned in. This beautiful girl had Lupus and I was able to do some work on her with my healing.

The best part about having a generous heart is that It inspires others to shine and the love radiates out. What can you do to brighten someones day just because? Can you do something nice unconditionally without being found out? Give it a try. IMG_5271